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ZIP it and Ready. ZIP Racing team prepped and ready for Pont de Vaux

ZIP it and Ready. ZIP Racing team prepped and ready for Pont de Vaux

by adminAugust 7, 2017

“If success is in the preparation then 160 hrs later …… we’re ready!”  Thats the message from the ZIP Racing Quad team.

“6 riders- two teams- 12 hours of racing and 900 kms to get there, it’s the most prepared I’ve ever been heading into this race out of all of those I have competed in, or managed for over 25 of its 31 yrs existence” says Team Boss Stuart Walker

This year Zip Racing, who celebrate 30 years of quad racing and manufacturing their products this August, are celebrating by running Two teams for the 31st staging of world renowned ‘Pont de Vaux’ 12 hour race in France.

Although the line-up may look young, which it is, these guys have some serious credentials between them all …
with titles in abundance.  Between them they have a host of ACU Youth and Adult champions, 8 hour endurance champions and a multiple enduro champion, not excluding 2 x UK 2017 des Nations members and ACU British championship Contenders.  There are 3 English Racers 2 from Wales and a token Scot making this truly British line up.

“There is no shortage of enthusiasm with both #77 & #88 teams spearheaded with over 60 yrs of Quad experience Between Pont de Vaux veterans Keith Knowles of Kik Quads and Myself who will concentrate our efforts on one team each and cumulatively” says Walker who is, as you can tell super excited about the event and his teams chances.

The #77 race team consists of Rhydian Owen, Kieran Power and Harry Walker.

The 88# race team consists of Ayrton Knowles, Dafyyd Davies, Murray Graham

The race takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend from the  25 to the 27th August and there will be live updates on the Pdv website www.pdvracing.com