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Racer Profile – Nick Bellas

Racer Profile – Nick Bellas

by adminSeptember 17, 2017

Our Racer Profile today is with…

Name: Nick Bellas

Age: 33

Occupation: Civil Engineer

What type of Offroad do you race? Quad

Your machine? Honda trx 420

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? Won multiple races racing Enduro bikes.

What are your future goals? Keep up my winning streak now I’m racing quads

Where are you racing this season? With Raw Enduro.

Who is your biggest racing idol? Steve Roberts

Who is your biggest on track rival? Damian Lodge

What’s your pre race routine? Usually McDonald’s lol

Any superstitions? I never wash the day of a race!!

Who has been your biggest inspiration? James Senior

Whose the biggest goon you race with? Gary Morley

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? Oliver Fortune

Where can we follow you? I’ll be hopefully racing at all Raw Enduro’s upcoming events.