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by adminOctober 20, 2017

This weekend saw the 35th running of the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race where over 250 quads and sidecars took to the sands to tackle one of the toughest races in Britain. One of those teams was number 216, the Dirthub featured riders of Joe Williams and Matt Burroughs aboard their DND Racing, 24/7 Drilling Yamaha YFZ 450r.


Images courtesy of Click466.com

We caught up with Matt before the race and he explained “Its our first ever Weston so we’ve been trying to prepare ourselves and the bike as best we can. We have been to watch a few times before and it’s always been a great weekend so we thought we’d give it a go as a team this year. We’re just hoping to finish and take what we learn into next year”.

With the crowds lining the circuit and the bikes roaring onto the beach from parc ferme, one thing the lads won’t want to take into next year is what happened as the start gates opened. Burroughs came through right near the back after a misfire, but by the time he got 3/4 up the straight he had managed to weave through the pack to bring himself within a stones throw of the front runners. That was until out of nowhere, a sidecar veered to the left and clattered the front of his quad sending Burroughs flying over the bars at top speed. Luckily he managed to come to a stop on the sand berm at the entrance to turn one but not before being run over by the bike. After a couple of minutes getting his breath back he rejoined the race right near the back of the pack. On completion of his first lap the battered and bruised Burroughs was already two laps down on front runner Stef Murphy. It looked as though a decent finish was out of the teams grasp but Burroughs soldiered on and completed his first stint with no further mishaps.

After a quick check over the bike in the pits, it was the local lad Joe Williams who would take over for his first stint. With his team mates massive crash in mind he was able to ride a fairly incident free session which saw the team continuously climb the leaderboard after other riders had various problems and completed their pit stops. By the time the next changeover came about the pair were in a good position to be challengers for the top step in the Q2 class as early front runners of Knight/Martin and both Kellet brothers lost time due to some issues with their respective 4×4 machines. Burroughs used his second session to continue the teams progress up the leaderboard and managed to get as high as a very credible 17th with 40 minutes to go. The last pit stop was a splash and dash affair with a high finish in mind. Everything was going as planned until on the penultimate lap the DND Yamaha began to over heat and cut out which left Williams nursing the quad home for a 5th place finish in the Q2 class and 55th overall with 14 laps completed. After the race Williams said “I’ve waited along time to compete in this race and given the start that we had we are absolutely buzzing to finish where we did. This was the first quad race I ever watched way back in 2002 and it is what got me into the sport. Just to finally be out there riding is enough for me. I’m just grateful Matt is ok and, given the issues on the last couple of laps, that we finished in one piece with some experience to have a real crack at it next year”.
Weston is one of the toughest races on the calendar so a big well done to those who competed and everyone behind the scenes who made it happen. Our DND Racing team have not got much planned between now and the beginning of the 2018 season but we will hope to bring you and update of how the off season is going before then.