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Powering into 2018! South West Enduro Championships

Powering into 2018! South West Enduro Championships

by adminJanuary 10, 2018

We have a feeling that one of the biggest movers on the Enduro hit list is going to be the South West Enduro Championships, which is a union of 7 different clubs to create a 10 round varied season, down in the deepest darkest depths of the West Country.

Feature image courtesy of Bob Ward

The clubs include Core Offroad, Camel Vale, Xmoor Enduro, CRMC, West Cornwall MCC, West of England MC and Pendennis MC which all offer their own format of Enduro be it a Hare and Hounds race or a Timecard Enduro.

Classes include Championship, Expert, Expert over 35, Over 40 Super vet, Over 40 clubman, Clubman e1, Clubman e 2, Clubman e3, and Beginners.

The opening round will take place on the 21st January at Hay Farm and is being run by the Camel Vale club.

The Full event schedule is:

Round 1  – 21st January – Hare & Hounds @ Hay Farm – Promoted by Camel Vale MC
Round 2 – 25th March – Brass Monkeys Timecard Enduro @ Huntsham – Promoted  by Xmoor Enduro
Round 3 – 8th April – Timecard Enduro @Largin – Promoted by Camel Vale MC
Round 4 – 13th May – Hare & Hounds @ Nancemillion – Promoted by CRMC
Round 5 – 17th June – Hare & Hounds @ Hunstham – Promoted by Core Offroad
Round 6 – 8th July – Hare & Hounds @ Combe Florey – Promoted by Core Offroad
Round 7 – 26th August – Hare & Hounds @ Lamorna – Promoted by West Cornwall MCC
Round 8 – 9th September – Hare & Hounds @ Glynn Valley – Promoted by Pendennis MCC
Round 9 – 16th September – Hare & Hounds @ Wolborough – Promoted by West of England MC
Round 10 – 7th October – Timecard Enduro @ Dunmere – Promoted by Camel Vale MC

For more info on the series visit the series Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/southwestendurochampionship/