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Park power homes! Cumbria MX Club Championships Round 7 & 8 – Race Report and Results

Park power homes! Cumbria MX Club Championships Round 7 & 8 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 11, 2018

Cumbria Mx held rounds 7-8 of the clubs championship at Route 44 Haverigg following the cancellation of round 5-6 previously. (To be re-staged).

Report and Images by Peter Bell

Its hard to guess how many hours and how many litres of water were put on the track during the weekend, a monumental effort to get a race meeting on, with only a few small breaks over weekend to water during racing. This effort should have been rewarded with a few more numbers over the weekend, but with an England World Cup game ans several other events, numbers were a little lower than normal however, the racing was as good as ever in Cumbria.

A different race method with the England game and an early finish in mind saw the Autos first up with a sighting lap followed by Race 1. It was a clean Sweep of wins for Finley Pickering aboard his #357 machine ahead of Lancashire’s Corey Hull in second with a 2-2-2 scorecard, Joshua Bincliffe completed the podium. A name to mention and taking a great 3rd place in race 1 is Ruben Trew, many may remember his Dad and a Cumbrian MX regular Craig, great to see them racing down here again.

Corey Hull in the Auto’s

The 65’s class saw some brilliant racing especially between Joe Dakin and Daniel Goodman, for first place in race one due to a Jamie Keith crash and second in the following 2 motos. Jamie Keith rode sensible in race one following a spill to take 3rd but following that up with 2 wins to take the overall. Dakin was the more consistent to take second ahead of moto1 winner Daniel Goodman.

The 85 small wheel and big wheel were in together and again there are 2many names to mention but battles going on left right and centre, these boys are certainly on it. The small wheel #1 was 2017 Champion Robbie Park on his Wm moto husqvarna with a 2-1-1 card, Race one Winner Ireland Charley Irwin was a close second with Bailey Kay third. Further down the order Charlie Whitlow had an impressive 3rd in moto 1 and Bobby-jak Ennis unlucky not to score more points due to a machanical issue also in race 1. The Big Week class saw 2 big hitters hit the front straight away, making the trip over from Ireland was Ryan Mawhinney and closely followed by Scotland’s Oliver Barr. Mawhinney looked unstoppable in the first few laps of race 1 however an unfortunate puncture forced him to slow and that allowed Barr through to take the win. However, by winning the final 2 motos Mawhinney took the overall only 2 points ahead of Barr. Taylor Roberts completed the podium with an unfortunate Shay Page scoring 0 points in the final moto spoiling any podium hopes.

Carl Robson

The Rookies were next up and once again the 2stroke v 4 strokes battles ensued. A mechanical issue almost caused Adam Slavin to miss the start of moto 1, however he was to take advantage of that my hunting down and passing North East lad Kai Thirwell to take the win. However, 2wins would give Thirwell and the four strokes the overall. Slavin was second and recent 2stroke convert Liam Sommerville completing the podium.

The C class under/Over 30s again ran together but scored separate. The under 30s victor was Lewis Mchale with a 2-1-1 racecard ahead of Mark Lowther 2 points behind recovering well from a poor start in Moto 2. Route 44 newcomer Steven Parker took his Yamaha to third place overall with two solid third place race finished.

The Over 30’s was tight as ever, as these veterans (am I allowed to call them that) maybe not as i’d be in that class. Anyway, the man on the Gas with a maximum was local lad Gavin Southward continuing his impressive recent form. The fast starting Gavin Lowes has been impressive following a return from a nasty leg injury was second with Scotlands long distance traveler Stephen Humphries in third. The A+B class ran together and once again produced battles throughout, Ryan Ireland and Carl Robson had some super battles during the weekend, with Ireland coming out on top by only 2points. With Stuart Mowbray solid in third place overall.

The A class lower on numbers than usual with the Acerbis Nationals and 2stroke festival also on was won by George Mutch who showed some serious speed especially in the wave sections to take 3 race wins, ahead of Adam Thirwell in second and new KTM convert Chris Blacklock in third. Dale Weir was unlucky failing to score in moto 3 after a 2-3 result in the first 2 motos.

Sunday came, the sun was shining and even more hours and litres of water added to the weekend total. A Healthy turnout of Autos were first up once more. The 1-2 were to be no different with Corey Hull unable to stop Finlay Pickering taking a maximum, Ashden Walsh was to take the third podium step. Aaron Dodd showed even more improvement and had an impressive third place in moto 1.

65 Saturday winner Jamie Keith took maximum points on Sunday to continue his season form in Cumbria. Sunday only racer going by the name of Franky J on the results sheet with a 2-4-2 came second and Daniel Goodman in third only a few points ahead of Joe Dakin.

Once again the 85 classes were run together and some similar outcomes to Saturday, Robbie Park completed what appeared to be an easy weekends maximum however, made impressive following a Saturday evening dash to the vets after the family dog had a disagreement with a jelly fish. Charley Iwin raced for the ferry home with 2-2-2 and second overall and without any mechanical issues Bobby-Jak Ennis third overall despite a moto3 7th finish. The big wheel class looked like a Ryan Mawhinney maxium after two first places however, a 0 in moto 3 allowed Oliver Barr to take the overall ahead of Taylor Roberts and Charlie Henderson again popping up with a podium ride in third.

In the Rookies it was again the 4 strokes taking victory and again Kai Thirwel the man to beat, Scotland’s Adam Slavin was again second overall with Jack Abbott recovering from a mechanical issue on Saturday to take third overall.

The C’s together once again and another maximum points for Lewin Mchale from Mark Lowther, Ryan Metcalf Completed the podium with a solid 4-4-5. Many could have made the podium with third places for Ben Frith Ben Irwin and Benjamin Hurley during Sunday.

The over 30’s saw a different tale of results, Dave Langtree was the overall winner, with Stephen Humphries second and Ben Southward third, not able to build on a moto 2 win in the final race.

Scott Mears made the trip over from the North East Worthwhile on Sunday to take the victory in the B class, only 2points ahead of fellow North East lad Carl Robson and 2 points further behind was Ryan Ireland, super racing from the B’s definitely mixing it with the A’s as well. George Mutch again took a maximum the A class showing some super speed ahead of the British youth nationals next weekend. Dale Weir made up for disappointment on Saturday to take second with Adam Thirwell in third making it a great weekend for the Thirwell family.


Autos 1; Finley Pickering 2 Corey Hull 3 Joshua Bincliffe 4 Aaron Dodd 5 Ruben Trew
65s 1 Jamie Keith 2 Joe Takin 3 Daniel Goodman 4 Ebony Brown 5 Zach pearson
85sw 1 Robbie Park 2 Charley Irwin 3. Bailey Kay 4 Bobby Jak Ennis 5 Liam Johnston
85 bw 1 Ryan Mawhinney 2 Oliver Barr 3Taylor Roberts 4 Charlie Henderson 5 Jordan Acton
Rookies 1 Kai Thirwell 2 Adam Slavin 3 Liam Sommerville 4 Brad Knowles 5 jack Abbott
C’s under30 1.Lewis Mchale 2 Mark Lowther 3 Stepehen Parker 4 Preston Hamilton 5 Ben Irwin
C’s Over30 1 Gav Southward 2Gavin Lowes 3Stehen Humphries 4Mike Johnston 5Andrew Ingham
B’s 1 Ryan Ireland 2 Carl Robson 3 Stuart Mowbray 4 Joe Khamouli 5 Ben Southward
A’s George Mutch 2 Adam Thirwell 3 Chris Blacklock 4 Aaron Burns 5 Dale Weir.

Autos 1 Finley Pickering 2 Corey Hull 3 Ashden Walsh 4 Joshua Bincliffe 5 Aaron Dodd
65s 1Jamie Keith 2 Frankey J 3 Daniel Goodman 4 Joe Dakin 5 Ebony Brown
85sw 1 Robbie Park 2 Charley Irwin 3 Bobby-Jak Ennis 4 Finlay Harkness 5 Charlie Whitlow
85 bw 1 Oliver Barr 2 Taylor Roberts 3 Charlie Henderson 4 Jordan Acton 5 Daniel Guyler
Rookies 1 Kai Thirwell 2 Adam Slavin 3 Jack Abbott 4 Liam Sommerville 5 Jack Harris
C’s under30 1 Lewis Mchale 2 Mark Lowther 3Ryan Metcalf 4 Lewis rayne 5 Benjamin Hurley
cs over 30 1 David Langtree 2 Stephen Humphries 3 Gav Southward 4 Gavin Lowes 5 Ash Walsh
B’s 1 Scott Mears 2 Carl Robson 3 Ryan Ireland 4 Andrew Slavin 5 Joe Khamouli
A’s 1 George Mutch 2 Dale Weir 3 Adam Thirwell 4 Kieron Marr 5 Chris Blacklock.