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Onwards and Upwards for Team GB – International Six Day Enduro Update Day 4

Onwards and Upwards for Team GB – International Six Day Enduro Update Day 4

by adminSeptember 2, 2017

The fourth day of the 2017 ISDE saw another new round of tests, largely based on hilly grass fields with fast, cambered corners – which when ‘green’ were extremely slippery. The bulk of the day was set around the town of Uzerche, traditionally an Enduro ‘hotspot’ with many rounds of the French Enduro Championship held there. Rain over night and a positively chilly start to the day seemed to suit the British teams allowing them to consolidate the positions they gained at the mid-week point, fifth in the World Trophy and fourth in the World Junior Trophy.

Report and Images courtesy of the ACU

In the World Trophy team KTM’s Nathan Watson continued his rise up the individual ranks ending the day in an excellent third place, to now place 14th overall. Relaxed and smiling as he came to the end of day four, he explained that the tests suited him perfectly.

Nathan Watson (#20, Trophy Team): “I really loved the tests today, and I’m really glad they’re used again tomorrow! It was a lot of fun sliding around out there! I’m looking forward to day five.”

Despite a nasty looking crash on the opening test of the day, Lee Sealey quickly recouped and brought his Yamaha home in 38th place, keeping things consistent and aiding the Trophy team’s efforts. Fraser Flockhart and Kev Murray both enjoyed the day’s proceedings and kept up the good work.

Fraser Flockhart (#21, Trophy Team): “It was a steady one again for me but I liked it out there. I always find day four to be the hardest, as you’re beginning to get tired. But on day five you wake up rejuvenated and ready to fight again, so I’m looking forward to that feeling.”

Kev Murray (#22, Trophy Team): “The lap was really stunning today and a lot of fun to ride, there was a steep uphill which kept us on our toes and then we also got to ride through the villages and even round a multi-storey car park! It was a cool day.”

For the World Junior Trophy riders it was another impressive run as all three riders stayed in the Top 50 on the day. After his outstanding performance on day three, Dan Mundell was unlucky on the fourth day when he injured his hand.

Dan Mundell (#26, Junior Trophy Team): “I caught my thumb on a post early in the day and it has swollen up a bit and is feeling a bit sore. I couldn’t grip the bars easily after that. So today wasn’t really as good as yesterday but as a team we’re doing well and I’m ready to keep fighting.”

But his team-mate Joe Wootton added pace to his usual skill on Uzerche’s tricky tests, finishing the day in a superb 15th overall.

Joe Wootton (#24, Junior Trophy Team): “I had a great day, I felt as through I was riding at home and everything just flowed really nicely. I really enjoyed it and it showed in my result today.”

Likewise, Tom Ellwood explained that he was having a great day until the final test where he lost a portion of time following a crash.

ACU British ISDE Team Manager, Andy Martin: “Good progress again today, our lads are riding with confidence but without being reckless. Nathan Watson was brilliant today, third overall, just 12-seconds off the day’s leader. But I was super-impressed with Joe Wootton, it was his turn to shine and 15th today is outstanding. Our lads are growing in stature every day, making us all proud. And with the same tests tomorrow, the boys are itching to get going again!”

Day five will be a repeat of day four, with the same tests being run in the same order. This will hopefully benefit the ACU British Teams as they found such good form and pace today.

2017 International Six Day Enduro – Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.
Day Four, Provisional Results

FIM World Trophy:
1 France 9:48:14.29
2 Australia 9:55:15.05 +7:00.76
3 Finland 9:56:49.10 +8:34.81
5 Great Britain 10:14:01.91 +25:47.62

14 Nathan Watson KTM 2:28:51.56
44 Lee Sealey Yamaha 2:32:05.60
49 Fraser Flockhart KTM 2:34:01.32
78 Kevin Murray Beta 2:39:03.43

FIM Junior World Trophy
1 France 7:30:16.44
2 Italy 7:31:01.17 +44.73
3 USA 7:32:16.00 +1:59.56
4 Great Britain 7:35:19.03 +5:02.59

30 Dan Mundell KTM 2:30:34.26
33 Joe Wootton Husqvarna 2:30:42.38
50 Tom Ellwood Sherco 2:34:02.39