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Mud Battles! RORE & Dorset Enduro Winter Warmer Series Round 3 – Race Report & Results

Mud Battles! RORE & Dorset Enduro Winter Warmer Series Round 3 – Race Report & Results

by adminJanuary 12, 2018

The third round of the winter warmer series followed the trend of wet and muddy, however we were blessed with dry

Copyright David Partridge

weather on the day. In the champs class, it was the battle of the brads, with Brad Rowland leading the pack at the end of the first lap, despite a bad start. However, his hopes of a first overall win collapsed just like his front exhaust, which came off half way through the race. This meant the ever consistent Brad King, took the overall win at the end of the day. Second place in the championship class and current series winner was Ricky Wiggins. There were only two finishers in the champs class and they were the only ones to complete 12 laps.

Report by Emily Hall – Images courtesy of David Partridge Photography

With the Lee Wheatley memorial trophy up for grabs, it was all to play for in the Expert class. The worthy recipient of the award was Alan Morrison whose fastest lap was over 50 seconds quicker than anyone else in his class. Second was Josh Player who continues to show his old man how to ride. Third was Lewis Gigg, rounding off the podium, and the last competitor to complete 11 laps.

The Expert Vets class, was led by Jack Twentyman from holeshot to chequered flag. Second was Gary McCoy who

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finished 9th overall, and third was Jonny Tarr with Dan Hall right behind him. Si Thomas kept it smooth on his old dr 400. Not keeping it quite so smooth were Wayne and Stan although some of the skills they showed would have scored them good points in dancing on Ice!!

Steve Harding made his return to racing after 11 months out following an argument with a tree, resulting in cracked vertebrae. Stevo was riding with number 43 on the bike in memory of best mate Ben Saville, who sadly passed away late last year. Ben was and still is a huge part of Rogershill as many of the obstacles involved in the event were created by him. Ben loved to ride and party, so we hope to celebrate his life with some form of memorial adventure this year, involving bikes, beer and loud music. Special thanks to Bens wife Claire and family who came to support stevo and everyone else.

On the smallest bike, putting us all to shame was Brett Rowland, the winner of the Clubman A class. Brett was the

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only one in his class to complete 10 laps. Second was Daniel Grove who was closely followed by third place, Finlay Davey. We can only presume that fierce battling had occurred through out the race for second place.

Clubman B was won by Martin Hallett, whose fastest lap was 30 seconds quicker than anyone else in his class. Second place was Marcus Feltham who should be very proud of this result. Following close behind in third was Joel Protheroe. Well done also to Charlie White, whose close-up picture by David Partridge showed that despite being exhausted, enduro riders just carry on.

The winner of the Clubman Vets class was Dean Read, who was the only clubman vet to be on 9laps. Second was Steve Taylor, who could have joined Dean on 9 laps, if he had listened to the encouragement of his children!! Third was Gareth Lloyd.

The sportsman class was won convincingly by Alex Schlz, who would’ve come 3rd if he were in the clubman B class. Second, and with the fastest lap of the class, was Andrew Paterson. Third was Lewis Philips, well done to all managing 8 laps apiece and mixing it with the clubman.

Once again, we apologise for the postponement of the event and thank you all for being patient, with the weather being so good on the day running a week later turned out to be the best thing.

Furthermore a massive thank you to Gary, Craig , Pete ,Shane, Stan, Ivan, Marcus and the rest of the team, who helped track lay and on the day as well, we couldn’t run these events without your help. We look forward to seeing you all at Moreton on the 28th January and then back to Rogershill Raceway on February 18th for the final round of this year’s winter series and with some additional stubble and new grassland available for the last event we aim to give you something different again for this event.



1 BRAD KING 01 Champio 12
2 RICKY WIGGINS 01 Champio 12
3 ALAN MORRISON 02 Expert 11
4 JOSH PLAYER 02 Expert 11
5 LEWIS GIGG 02 Expert 11
6 JACK NIXEY 02 Expert 10
7 JACK TWENTYMAN 03 O40 Exp 10
8 MOSS MACRINER 02 Expert 10
9 GARY MCCOY 03 O40 Exp 10
10 SEBASTIAN DEXTER 02 Expert 10
11 PAUL TAYLOR 02 Expert 10
12 MARTIN JESSOPP 02 Expert 10
13 JONATHAN TARR 03 O40 Exp 10
14 DAN HALL 03 O40 Exp 10
15 LEE BLACKMORE 02 Expert 10
16 BRETT ROWLAND 04 Club A 10
17 GRANT LAMING 02 Expert 10
18 STAN WATT 03 O40 Exp 10
19 WAYNE PLAYER 03 O40 Exp 10
20 ALAN STRINGER 02 Expert 10
21 MICHAEL BROOKS 03 O40 Exp 10
22 MATTHEW TAYLOR1 02 Expert 10
23 DAN GROOM 03 O40 Exp 10
24 SIMON CLARK 02 Expert 9
25 ADRIAN FRANCIS 03 O40 Exp 9
26 DANIEL GROVE 04 Club A 9
27 SIMON THOMAS 03 O40 Exp 9
28 FINLAY DAVEY 04 Club A 9
29 DEAN REED 06 O40 Clu 9
30 JAMIE WATTS 04 Club A 9
31 STEVE HARDING 03 O40 Exp 9
32 SHANE TROTTER 03 O40 Exp 9
33 ZAC KING 04 Club A 9
34 STEPHEN TAYLOR 06 O40 Clu 8
35 JORDAN YOUNG 04 Club A 8
37 GARETH LLOYD 06 O40 Clu 8
39 TONI BURROWS 06 O40 Clu 8
41 ALEX SCHLZ 07 Sportsm 8
43 MARK ROBSON 05 Club B 8
44 RYAN LETTS 05 Club B 8
45 STEPHEN DAVEY 06 O40 Clu 8
46 JACK BLACKER 05 Club B 8
47 JACK SHERWIN 02 Expert 8
48 PETE NIXEY 06 O40 Clu 8
49 RICHARD GOOD 04 Club A 8
50 CHARLIE WHITE 05 Club B 8
51 ANDREW PATERSON 07 Sportsm 8
52 LEWIS PHILLIPS 07 Sportsm 8
53 PAUL JONES 05 Club B 7
54 JEREMY CORNISH 06 O40 Clu 7
55 TOM PROTHEROE 05 Club B 7
56 PAUL OCONNEL 06 O40 Clu 7
57 RHYS TROTTER 07 Sportsm 7
58 STEVE CURTIS 06 O40 Clu 7
59 PHILLIP DIBBLE 07 Sportsm 7
60 ROBERT BLACKER 07 Sportsm 7
61 LIAM BARGERY 04 Club A 7
62 MARTIN ROGERS 07 Sportsm 6
63 DARREN MCKENNA 07 Sportsm 6
64 TRAVIS JOHNSON 07 Sportsm 6
65 ALEX MCGRATH 05 Club B 6
66 COLIN PADDY 06 O40 Clu 5
67 BARNEY WHITE 07 Sportsm 5
68 TIM CLARK 06 O40 Clu 5
70 GAZ WETHRICK 07 Sportsm 5
71 DANIEL KNIGHT 07 Sportsm 5
72 MARTIN WOOD 07 Sportsm 5
73 TREVOR GREAVES 07 Sportsm 4
74 TERRY MARSH 07 Sportsm 4