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Spencer doubles up! Coventry Junior MX Club Championships Round 8 & 9 – Race Report and Results

Spencer doubles up! Coventry Junior MX Club Championships Round 8 & 9 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 30, 2018

CJMX held rounds 8 & 9 of the summer championship at Arncott Moto Park. The weather was a bit hit and miss all weekend with sun, rain and plenty of wind.

Report by Rebecca Stock – Images courtesy of Colin Hambridge

First up were the hungry youth class. The top 3 were consistent all day with Dylan Spencer taking first, Ryan Debere second and Ethan Etheridge.

Next to the line were the mix of MX1, MX2 and clubman classes. Dylan Spencer took the wins in race 1 and 2, with a second in race3. Mitch Warhurst coming in second in race 1 and 2 and the win in race 3. James Thompson put in a superb performance in the clubman class taking all three wins for the day.

Tyler Etheridge put in 3 consistent wins for the day in the Big wheel 85’s, with Dan Arkell and Jack Lillyman battling it out for the other 2 podium positions.

Drew stock 65 class

In the small wheel class Kiean Boughen took the lead early on in all 3 races, Kayde Rayns pushed as hard as he could but there was just no catching Boughen. Oliver Ruddock and Ashton Phillips battled it out for third with Ruddock getting the overall.

Ready to race next were the 65 class. Ashton Boughen dominated all day, William Murphy and Drew Stock were both consistent with them taking second and third.

Out next were the Vets and Evo classes. Laurence Wiltshire took the win in all 3 races, Jamie Thomas and Will Townsend stormed the track to take second and third.

The Auto class were the last group of the day. Cassidy Brand put in a solid performance to get the overall for the day, Jack Leese pushed through to take second and Nelson Reed third.

Sunday came and so did the rain! Only 2 blocks of racing to get through and the CJMX riders did not disappoint!

The youth were ready to face the moist conditions. Dylan Spencer showed his winning ways again, Ethan Etheridge came in for second and Laney Monaghan’s effort bagged him third positions in both races.

Tyler Etheridge Big wheel 85’s

The mix of Clubman, MX1 and MX2 lined up next. Dylan Spencer took the win in race 1, followed by Mitch Warhurst who came in 2nd with Jordan Pratt working hard to finish 3rd. Race 2 and this time Warhurst took the win, closely followed by Spencer and Pratt.

Tyler Etheridge was on top form again in the Big wheel 85 class taking both the wins. Jack Lillyman bagged second with Dan Arkell taking 3rd in race 1 and Harvey Sambridge in race 2.

The Small wheel class saw Oliver Ruddock get 2 deserved wins, Ashton Phillips took both seconds and Harry West had a 3rd in race 1, with Seth Manners in race 2.

In the 65 class Blake Ward-Clarke grabbed both wins of the day with an impressive performance, Drew Stock and Charlie Hucklebridge battled it out for 2nd and 3rd.

James Thompson Clubman

The Vets and Evo classes were up next. Jamie Thomas stormed ahead to take both chequered flags of the day, followed by Will Townsend in both races.

With a slightly shortened track the Auto class took to the line last. Jack Leese pulled away from the competition to take both the wins, Riley-Ray Barrow showed determination finishing 2-3. Bailey Williams and Cassidy Brand also showed some scrambling skills both getting in the top 3.


Autos: 1st Jack Leese, 2nd Cassidy Brand, 3rd Bailey Williams, 4th Riley-Ray Barrow, 5th Olivia Reynolds, 6th Charlie Mitchell.

65’s: 1st Drew Stock, 2nd Blake Ward-Clarke, 3rd Charlie Hucklebridge, 4th Danny Moore, 5th Tyler Higman, 6th Harley Swain.

Small wheel 85’s: 1st Oliver Ruddock, 2nd Ashton Phillips, 3rd Seth Manners, 4th Grant Robinson, 5th Bailey Ward-Clarke, 6th Harry West.

Big wheel 85’s: 1st Tyler Etheridge, 2nd Jack Lillyman, 3rd Dan Arkell, 4th Harvey Sambridge, 5th Tommy Gilbert, 6th George Jones.

Youth: 1st Dylan Spencer, 2nd Ethan Etheridge, 3rd Jacob Bell, 4th Jacob Russell, 5th Daniel Bartlett, 6th Charlie Sellick.

Clubman: 1st James Thompson, 2nd Connor Barnett, 3rd Thomas Ford, 4th Tom Hambridge, 5th Andy Hollingsworth, 6th Gian Rizkalla.

MX1: 1st Jordan Pratt, 2nd Adam Paxton, 3rd Sam Peedle.

MX2: 1st Dylan Spencer, 2nd Mitch Warhurst, 3rd Danny Smith, 4th Graham Clark, 5th James Park, 6th Kieran Woods.

Vets: 1st Jamie Thomas, 2nd Will Townsend, 3rd Andy Townsend, 4th Martin Jenkins, 5th Colin Shepherd, 6th Jack Ratcliffe.

Evo: 1st Ashley Brown, 2nd Asa Davies, 3rd Mark Finn, 4th Sean Summersbee, 5th Stephen Sparrow, 6th Alan Hambridge.