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Robley Rocks Haverigg! Cumbria MXC Club Championships Rounds 5 & 6 – Race Report & Results

Robley Rocks Haverigg! Cumbria MXC Club Championships Rounds 5 & 6 – Race Report & Results

by adminJuly 30, 2018

With Cumbria suffering more than most from the UK drought, rain on Friday night was more than welcome for Cumbria MXC as they raced the delayed rounds 5 and 6 of their club championships and saved another evening and morning track watering. However, that was not to be the case 24hrs later but more on that later.

Report and Images by Peter Bell

Saturday morning so a bright but blustery Haverigg coast and a track looking in great nick following overnight rain, and luckily avoided some serious storms further East and North that morning. Chloe Hudson from the Acerbis Nationals had kindly offered the transponder system which was a first for Route 44 and a great gesture.

The Autos were first up to the gate following their 2sighting laps. Finlay Pickering was in scintillating form and checked out all three motos and never looked in danger. Following him home was Corey Hull and Aaron Dodd who had 2-2-2 and 3-3-3 results respectively. #106 Adam Beattie was unlucky after a race 3 DNF after being in 4th after race 1.

Finlay Pickering Auto Wizard!

A maximum man in the 65cc class was Jake Robley on board his Husqvarna, a name you will have heard me mention before (if anyone reads it) as floating in and out of the sport. He once again showed his talent with 3 fast smooth wins making the rough Route 44 seem easy. Following Jake home was West Cumbrian Ebony Brown, obviously feeling better following riding through a bout of sickness last week at Dean Moor. Zack Pearson was third just ahead of Daniel Goodman who was unlucky with a few spills.

The biggest gate of the day was the 85’s combined, and some brilliant racing throughout once again. Race 1 saw West Cumbria and small wheel racer Robbie Park take the holeshot to be closely followed by Northern Irish duo of Matthew Beattie and Charley Irwin,  the battle was on and some great fair racing between them with Taylor Roberts stalking behind, at the chequered flag it was Beattie Irwin Park Roberts, a mega race.

More of the same in the next 2 motos saw Charley Irwin take maximum points ahead of Park and Liam Johnston in third rewarding his dad for a late night engine rebuild. The Big Wheels was another maximum for Beattie Taylor Roberts second and a great third place for Sammuel Carruthers taking advantage of a race 2 spill by Charlie Henderson to take third by 1 point.

The Rookies class missing a few of the regular contenders due to a preplanned riding (and drinking) holiday to Belgium. That left the door wide open for Kai Thirwell, to take maximum points and cement the championship. Lancashire’s Adam Wells a regular Haverigg visitor  took second overall. Third place on the podium was taken by the Brad Knowles, who has been on the up all season and should take confidence from 3 great rides on Saturday.

The combined under and over 30s C class took to the sand next, there were to be 2 maximum man in the respective classes , Nigel Smorfitt in the Overs and Mark Lowther in the Unders. Moto one was a great race between Smorfitt and Gavin Southward before a crash for Southward allowed Lowther to make a  late charge for the overall win however, Smorfitt held on by around 20yards. As mentioned the Under 30s winner was Mark Lowther continuing his impressive season form, Steven Parker battled the track weather and 2 broken ribs to take the second podium step Lewis Rayne completing the top 3. Gavin Southward took second overall behind Smorfitt in the Over 30s class and only 1point further behind Stephen Humphries in third hitting the ground running following a week partying in Ibiza.

Another combined class was the A+Bs, now i’m not going to mention the Winner much because he checked out all 3 motos and was long gone, well done Stephen Wade. Behind him was some great battles, overtakes, rubbing and crashes. Moto 1 and 2 were great to watch with almost every rider involved in some battle at some point or another. A 3 or 4 lap ding dong between Aaron Burns Chris Blacklock and Adam Thirwell with James Dent Stallking could have gone any which way, and it was Thirwell who picked his moment to take second place in that race ahead of Dent. And that was the way the overall would finish also…Wade Thirwell Dent. The B class boosted by  a few riders who would have been at Landrake with the Acerbis Nationals was taken by one of those riders, D3’s Ben Walsh on his now red Honda. Ben Southward had a steady day to take second with Joe Khamouli third.

Now then, we mentioned the much needed rain Friday evening, what came Saturday night and during Sunday racing was less than welcome, although the track looked perfect the rain was persistent and resulted in Sundays racing being restricted to two races per class. With the rain came a lower turn out of hardcore Scramblers and huge respect to those who rode and the club for putting the meeting on.

By all accounts the kids absolutely loved the wet and mud, not so much the parents who had to clean up though. The wet didn’t seem to affect Finlay Pickering in the Autos with another fine display and 2 wins,  ahead of Travis Tailford who only raced sunday and Corey Hull in third.

Daniel Goodman recovered from his spills on saturday to tie on points with Jake Robley in the 65s, with Robley coming on top due to his race 2win in the worse of the conditions, Zach Pearson was to pip Ebony Brown to third.

The 85S/W would also have a level on points battle with Robbie Park taking the overall from Charley Irwin, again only by race 2 victory, Liam Johnston completed an impressive weekend with another 3rd overall.

The Big Week class was won again by Matthew Beattie and finishing the weekend with 5 wins from 5 making the long trip worthwhile, Taylor Roberts again had to settle for second with Jack Murray only 4points away in third.

With the Championship sealed Rookies rider Kai Thirwell decided to step up the A’s leaving Cane Tailford to take 2race wins ahead of  Luke Turner and Brad Knowles.

The C’s once again paired together and it was wet weather specialist Michael Johnston who took the overall in the overs ahead of Saturdays win Nigel Smorfitt with Lee Hulul completing the podium. The Under 30s was won by the improving Rory Urwin, Elliot Laidlaw took second with Darren Birbeck close behind in third.

Following his step up from the youth class Kai Thirwell hit the ground running with a 2-1 scorecard and the overall in the A class brother Adam was level on points and Gavin Shaw in third. The B class once again had Ben Walsh as the maximum man and winner, Ryan Ireland race 1 winner was second with Geoff Wharton the man in third.

As said above huge respect to the the riders for sticking it out Sunday, and Chloe for the transponder hire, as lapscoring would have been a hard job Sunday.



Autos 1 Finlay Pickering 2 Corey Hull 3 Aaron Dodd 4 Declan Cook 5 Wilfie Reed

65s 1 Jake Robley 2 Ebony Brown 3 Zack Pearson 4 Daniel Goodman 5 Ashton Crossley

85sw 1 Charley Irwin 2 Robbie Park 3 Liam Johnston 4 Bailey Kay 5 Finlay Harkness

85bw 1 Matthew Beattie 2 Taylor Roberts 3 Sammuel Carruthers 4Charlie Henderson 5 JackMurray

Rookies 1 Kai Thirwell 2 Adam Well 3 Brad Knowles 4 Luke Turner 5 Ellis Barry

C’s under 1 Mark Lowther 2 Steven Parker 3 Lewis Rayne 4 Ben Irwin 5 Adam Kirwin

C’s over 1 Nigel Smorfitt 2 Gavin Southward 3 Setphen Humphries 4 Ian Sayer 5 Michael Johnston

B’s 1 Ben Walsh 2 Ben Southward 3 Joe Khamouli 4 Geoff Wharton 5 Ryan Ireland

A’s 1 Stephen Wade 2 Adam Thirwell 3 James Dent 4 Dee-jay Walker 5 Chris Blacklock


Autos 1 Finlay Pickering 2 Travis Tailford 3 Corey Hull 4 Wilfie Reed 5 Max Wilson

65s 1 Jake Robley 2 Daniel Goodman 3 Zack Pearson 4 Ebony Brown 5 Ashton Crossley

85 sw 1 Robbie Park 2 Charley Irwin 3 Liam Johnston 4 Bailey Kay 5 Finlay Harkness

85 bw 1 Matthew Beattie 2 Taylor Roberts 3 Jack Murray 4 Jordan Acton 5 Callum Jackson

Rookies 1 Cane Tailford 2 Luke Turner 3 Brad Knowles

C’s Under 1 Rory Urwin 2 Elliot Laidlaw 3 Darren Birkbeck 3Ben Irwin 4Rhyce Ward 5Luke Edgar

C’ Over 1 Michael Johnston 2 Nigel Smorfitt 3 Lee Hulcl 4 Andrew Ingham 5 Gary Hadlin

B;s 1 Ben Walsh 2 Ryan Ireland 3 Geoff Wharton 4 Joe Khamouli 5 Harry Fenwick

A’s 1 Kai Thirwell 2 Adam Thirwell 3 Gavin Shaw 4 Aaron Burns