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Racer Profile: Chloe Jade MacDonald

Racer Profile: Chloe Jade MacDonald

by adminApril 6, 2018

Today’s Racer Profile is with…

Name:  Chloe Jade MacDonald

Age:  20 years old.

Occupation:  2nd year student at University of Gloucestershire and Schools Sports Coach

What type of Offroad do you race?  Motocross

Your machine?  KTM 250SX

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date?
Biggest racing achievement is a difficult one. Not riding between rounds and having little opportunity to winter train makes me see each round as an achievement! Narrowing it down, after a road accident on a 125 exc in 2014 (road licensing laws are different in Guernsey) and having complicated knee surgery at 16 years old and all my sporting opportunities at high risk of being ruined, I was able to get strong and regain full mobility and feeling back in my leg and start riding again. My first race was at the Scott Nationals (now Acerbis) in 2015 and placed 5th overall. That was I think this is up there with the biggest because of the tough time the year before ☺️

What are your future goals?
In the future I want to graduate Uni, become a teacher and continue to educate and guide young people to live active, healthy lifestyles, teaching sport and continue to race (around other future plans).

Where are you racing this season?
With Mum and Dad still living in Guernsey, it’s difficult and very expensive to commit to multiple series. This year I’ll be racing the Acerbis Nationals hosted by C T Events (Darren Hudson & Family) Bloody cracking series!!

Who is your biggest racing idol?
Antonio Cairoli, he’s an all round sound guy.

Who is your biggest on track rival?
Haha, that depends how I’m performing on the day!

What’s your pre race routine?
Pre race routine – Get up, eat some CocoPops and a lot of stretching accompanied with whinging about how sore my muscles are from the day before😂. Get to the track and let Dad crack on with the bike whilst I get ready, then some goggles ready, tape up my hands to try to prevent blisters and always always always have a 1-1 chat with my Mum. Down to the gate and have Dad check everything’s sweet and I don’t need anything else then get my head ready to race.

Any superstitions?
I’m prone to having dirt in my goggles so I’ll sit and shake my goggles for aaaages, suppose that could be seen as a superstition.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
Biggest inspirations are 100% my parents for multiple reasons, the most motivating, understanding and kindest people and they both inspire me in different ways.
In terms of racing, unfortunately you see more and more regularly people having big accidents and damaging themselves and still coming back to the track. Joel Roelants for example. If someone can come back and ride after an accident like that they’re an inspiration to everyone. Makes you rethink whether the arm pump or aching back etc is really worth having a whinge about

Whose the biggest goon you race with?
Hahaha, definitely Nadiya Jones the little fruit loop. Always got a face like a slapped arse, always “riding shit” or the track is “rough as a dogs arse” despite always putting solid top 3 rides in each race. Nad gets biggest goon for not knowing the difference between Euro and Sterling, confusing herself when paying with English pound notes en route to Ireland last year. They asked her if she was paying in Euro or Sterling and she said no I want to pay in Pounds 💶💷😂

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support?
I’d like to thank my Mum and Dad for traveling hundreds of miles, multiple ferry trips and supporting me through racing, education and everything else I do, giving me 5* care on race day and motivating me to get strong after injury. Without them I wouldn’t be anywhere.  I’d also like to thank Matthew Rudd for his continued support in 2018, I’ve never had any help with my racing so being approached by him and offered help was beyond gratitude. In an expensive sport and with the story behind my racing the support is appreciated. Regardless of how big or small, you should always appreciate someone supporting you, so thanks Rudd you legend 💕

Where can we follow you?
Give my insta a follow for updates of my student nights out, racing snaps by #matthewruddphotography @muddyruddy1 and a few selfies thrown in here and there @chlo_macdonald!

See you all behind the gate and good luck racers for 2018 🏁💕


Images courtesy of Matthew Rudd Photography