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Judd KTM British Youth Nationals and Under 21 champs starts this weekend. Preview & Rider lists

Judd KTM British Youth Nationals and Under 21 champs starts this weekend. Preview & Rider lists

by adminApril 13, 2018

The final countdown is on for the opening round of the Judd KTM British Youth National Championship and the Steve Benton Transport British Under 21 Championship, which takes place at Preston Docks this weekend (April 14 & 15).

Words and Image by RHL Activities

Having missed out on racing at the British Motocross Festival due to bad weather, the junior racers are fired up and ready to kick off their season this weekend. Preston Docks is filled with deep loamy berms, rhythm sections, tabletops and split sections and is an ideal host for a round of the youth series. The circuit has hosted many national events in the past and also rounds of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship in recent years.

Following an action-packed year in 2017, 2018 is looking to be even bigger and better with new sponsors partnering RHL Activities for the Judd KTM British Youth National series, which also sees two new classes lining up at the gate this season. With support for the championship from Judd Racing and KTM UK as joint title sponsors, and Parts Europe becoming the powered by sponsor of the championship, RHL has a strong backing to take the series to the next level. In addition, SCOTT Sports, MotoKing UK, 1st Call Travel, Steve Benton Transport, Surf & Turf Instant Shelters, Dunlop and Sports Insure are also supporting this championship and assisting the development of riders at the grass roots of the sport in doing so.

With a strong line-up of riders across all the classes this season the championship is looking forward to an exciting year as RHL Activities continues to push the national series to the next level.

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Here are the full entry lists

Rider Name Class
Adam Beattie Auto
Alfie Geddes-Green Auto
Alfie Herron Auto
Archie Britton Auto
Corey Jay Hull Auto
Ellis Nelson Auto
Fabian Junior Morrison Auto
Finley Easton Auto
Finley Pickering Auto
Harrison Hooley Auto
Harvey Rowe Auto
Hayden Statt Auto
Jake Webb Auto
Joel Winstanley-Dawson Auto
Leo Self Auto
Lewis Mullen Auto
Logan Burns Auto
Luca Tatchell Auto
Lucas Moncrieff Auto
Olly Walker Auto
Robbie Daly Auto
Archie-Jay Girdham 65cc
Ashton Boughen 65cc
Austin Beasty 65cc
Billy Askew 65cc
Brandon Buckley 65cc
Conner Smith 65cc
Corey Gordon 65cc
Daniel Goodman 65cc
Dylan Davison 65cc
Dylan Meaney 65cc
Franky Jubb 65cc
Graham Haddow 65cc
Harlow Green 65cc
Harvey Antrobus 65cc
Harvey Packman 65cc
James Parr 65cc
Jamie Keith 65cc
Joey Benfield 65cc
Kai Thorpe 65cc
Kalvin Kelly 65cc
Kayden Smith 65cc
Kurt Evans 65
Max Pridmore 65cc
Mckenzie Marshall 65cc
Noah Eastwood 65cc
Romeo Roper 65cc
Ryan Waggott 65cc
Shaun Mahoney 65cc
Travis Barnes 65cc
Warren Clarke 65cc
Will Haddock 65cc
William Murphy 65cc
Zane Stephens 65cc
Jack Davis 65cc
Sonny Rooney 65cc
Aaron Potterton Small Wheel 85cc
Alex Henderson Small Wheel 85cc
Arai Elcock Small Wheel 85cc
Ayjay Simpson Small Wheel 85cc
Bailey Johnston Small Wheel 85cc
Ben Mustoe Small Wheel 85cc
Bobby Crook Small Wheel 85cc
Charley Irwin Small Wheel 85cc
Charlie Nudds Small Wheel 85cc
Cristina Palmer Small Wheel 85cc
Daniel Pierce Small Wheel 85cc
Ellis Poole Small Wheel 85cc
Fin Wilson Small Wheel 85cc
Finley Evans Small Wheel 85cc
Harrison Drewell Small Wheel 85cc
Harrison Roberts Small Wheel 85cc
Jack Keenan Small Wheel 85cc
Jack Wilson Small Wheel 85cc
Jake Randall Small Wheel 85cc
Jake Smith Small Wheel 85cc
James Barker Small Wheel 85cc
Jamie Thompson Small Wheel 85cc
Josh Vail Small Wheel 85cc
Jude Turton Small Wheel 85cc
Keelan Hope Small Wheel 85cc
Kiean Boughen Small Wheel 85cc
Lee Cameron Small Wheel 85cc
Ollie Addy Small Wheel 85cc
Ollie Colmer Small Wheel 85cc
Reece Ross Small Wheel 85cc
Ross Simpson Small Wheel 85cc
Ryan Lowes Small Wheel 85cc
Tommy Smith Small Wheel 85cc
Tyla Hooley Small Wheel 85cc
Tyler Smith Small Wheel 85cc
Wal Beaney Small Wheel 85cc
Joe Howard Small Wheel 85cc
Jake Walker Small Wheel 85cc
Luke Richardson Small Wheel 85cc
Troy Flockhart Small Wheel 85cc
Alfie Jones Big Wheel 85cc
Andrew Townrow Big Wheel 85cc
Ben Pratt Big Wheel 85cc
Bradd -Lee Timmis Big Wheel 85cc
Buster Hart Big Wheel 85cc
Cain McElveen Big Wheel 85cc
Charlie Heyman Big Wheel 85cc
Domonic Newbury Big Wheel 85cc
Drew McCreanor Big Wheel 85cc
Ethan Lane Big Wheel 85cc
Harrison Forde Big Wheel 85cc
Jack Grayshon Big Wheel 85cc
Jak Taylor Big Wheel 85cc
Jason Bancroft Big Wheel 85cc
Luke Hull Big Wheel 85cc
Mani Freyr Petursson Big Wheel 85cc
Matthew Beattie Big Wheel 85cc
Niall Cregan Big Wheel 85cc
Oliver Barr Big Wheel 85cc
Raife Broadley Big Wheel 85cc
Robert Storer Big Wheel 85cc
Ryan Mawhinney Big Wheel 85cc
Ryan Quirk Big Wheel 85cc
Sam Atkinson Big Wheel 85cc
Sam Davies Big Wheel 85cc
Shay Arnold Big Wheel 85cc
Vinnie Guthrie Big Wheel 85cc
Aaron Brown Big Wheel 85cc
Ayden Smith Big Wheel 85cc
Leon Ongley Big Wheel 85cc
Lewis Cooper Big Wheel 85cc
Ronnie Reeves Big Wheel 85cc
Aaron Colley 125cc
Andrew Pohlen 125cc
Ben Kennedy 125cc
Ben Clark 125cc
Callum Gasson 125cc
Calvin Holland 125cc
Casey Lambley 125cc
Cullen Scott 125cc
Declan Hunter 125cc
Dominic Lancett 125cc
Drew Anderson 125cc
Ike Carter 125cc
Jack Lindsay 125cc
Jack Galvin 125cc
James Smith 125cc
Lewis Wood 125cc
Max Ingham 125cc
Michael Scriven-Alcala 125cc
Mitchell Raine 125cc
Myles Taylor 125cc
Patrick Jackson 125cc
Preston Williams 125cc
Ryan Allison 125cc
Sam Nunn 125cc
Samuel Price 125cc
Thomas Dodsworth 125cc
Tom Hughes 125cc
Tom Murphy 125cc
Tomas Hardcastle 125cc
Tyler Westcott 125cc
Bobby Bruce 125cc
Sonny Smyth 125cc
Lewis London 125cc
Aaron-Lee Hanson Open
Alex Hudziak Open
Ben Clayton Open
Callum Gordan Open
David Robson Open
George Simmutch Open
Harry Kimber Open
Ryan Thomson Open
Seastian Berthiaume Open
Thomas Townrow Open
Tom Haddock Open
Adam Kovacs Open
Aidan Williams British Under 21
David Galvin British Under 21
Dee-Jay Walker British Under 21
Dexter Douglas British Under 21
Howard Wainwright British Under 21
James Mackrel British Under 21
Jaydon Murphy British Under 21
Joe Cadwallader British Under 21
Joe Clayton British Under 21
Jordan Moxey British Under 21
Josh Bunter British Under 21
Michael Watson British Under 21
Oliver Benton British Under 21
Rossi Beard British Under 21
Tommy Lee Morris British Under 21
Aaron Ongley British Under 21
Callum Mitchell British Under 21
Andrew Slavin British Under 21