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Fobdown on Fire. Hampshire Motocross Championships Round 9 – Race Report and Results

Fobdown on Fire. Hampshire Motocross Championships Round 9 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 12, 2017

Hampshire MX returned to the track where it all began, Fobdown Farm and what a day it was. The track that looks like a flat field at the start of the day soon becomes a tough challenge and provided some top racing in all classes.

Report by James Webber – Images courtesy of Kevin Wright

SOUTH COAST HONDA MX1 race was first out and set the mood for the day with a battle between Craig Daffin and Chris Wratten with Harry Hinson and Riley Lowe in tow. Craig Daffin got the hole shot and had Wratten chasing hard until he pushed too hard and went down.  Hinson would take the second spot for several laps before Chris retook the position and tried to chase down Daffin but without success. Lowe showed great pace early on but never got close enough to Hinson to make the pass.

MX1 Overall 1st Craig Daffin 2nd Chris Wratten 3rd Harry Hinson 4th Riley Lowe 5th Shane Reid 6th Fred Heath 

In the SOUTH COAST HONDA MX2 race it would be a consistently fast hmx rider Danny Harris who would take the lead and win even with a hard charging Josh Barton chasing him up just second a lap slower. Neil Paddington was right up there but didn’t have the pace to challenge for second spot and a rider recently returning from a back-injury Craig Cartwright put in a great effort for fourth.

MX2 Overall 1st Danny Harris 2nd Josh Barton 3rd Neil Paddington 4th Craig Cartwright 5th Ashley Senior 6th Rickey Humphrey

In the 2 stoke and under 23 race it was Brett Revell who took the hole shot and set a great pace but a hard charging and always fast 2 stroke rider Chris Noyce took the lead and laid down the fastest lap of the race to take the win. Revell would hang in there though and took the second spot with some great lap times himself while Ben Popperwell rounded the top three of the 2 strokes. The fastest of the under 23s and 4th in the race was Sam Butler aboard his new 350 ktm.

2 Stroke overall 1st Chris Noyce 2nd Brett Revell 3rd Ben Popperwell 4th Jim Webber 5th Billy Lovegrove 6th Paul Bloomfield

Under 23 overall   1st Sam Butler 2nd Daryl Biles 3rd Liam Manchip 4th George Coughtrey 5th Callum Mullis 6th Harvey Hunt

In the VETS race one Craig Daffin who planned to ride 2 groups took another holeshot and checked out showing smooth riding on a rough track to take the win. Tony Tunnell and Steve Wells fought over 2nd with lap times less than a second apart but turbo Tony would get the spot. Race 2 and Daffin realised he had taken on too much and never lined up. Wells and Tunnel were in a great battle with Tony setting the races fastest lap but couldn’t make the pass on Wells. Lee Clayton was in the mix riding well in third till the end. Race 3 and again it was Wells and Tunnel fighting over first seperated by less than 2 seconds at the line Wells got the job done with Steve Lyons in 3rd

Vets overall 1st Steve Wells 2nd Tony Tunnell 3rd Lee Clayton 4th Steve Lyons 5th Peter Woodthorp 6th Mark Dunning

The ROOKIES class showed some of the closet racing of the day even being the smallest group. In race 1 Jesse Wren took the holeshot but was passed right at the end of the first lap by Ross Bundy aboard his 125, a few laps later and it was Ollie Cole who would also make the pass and chase down Bundy and make the pass for the win. In race 2 it was Ben Watts who would take the holeshot and win showing the great speed he had in r1 but with a better start, Ross Bundy looked great again and challenged for the win but came away with another 2nd, Cole didn’t get the best start but rode well for 3rd. in race 3 it was Bundy who got the holeshot and set the pace with Cole and Watts in the hunt. It was a tight battle between the three but Cole had what it took and made his way to the front for his second race win and overall. Ben Watts tried his best but it would be Bundy who would again take the second spot for 2nd overall

Rookies overall 1st Charlie Cole 2nd Ross Bundy 3rd Ben watts 4th Xavier Cook 5th Jess Wren 6th Brad Foley

In the 85s class there was 2 great talents, one aboard a small wheel and one on the big and they battled for 1st place in every race. Austin Wild and James O’Mara were in a league of their own and both nearly 6 seconds a lap faster than their nearest competition. Wild took the hole shot in race 1 and tried his best to lose O’Mara but he was pressured till the end. Samuel Upton, Duggie Munt and Alex Watts fought hard for 3rd with Upton getting the job done. Race 2 and again it was Wild leading O’Mara to line but this time with more than the 1 second lead of race 1! Alex watts took the third spot holding off Duggie Munt. Race 3 and Watts had picked up his pace when the track was at its roughest but still couldn’t match the ever battling Wild and O’Mara who at one point looked like he had the better of Wild and led the race but Wild pushed on and made the move to take 3 from 3.

Big wheel overall 1st Austin Wild 2nd Alex Watts 3rd Duggie Munt 4th Samuel Upton 5th Jake Tunnell 6th Jack Moyes

Small wheel overall 1stJames O’Mara 2nd Jacob Ball 3rd Jensen Lewis 4th Owen Haswell 5th Dan Joyce

In the HELYAR MX sponsored main championship Chris Wratten was on a mission for the win and put down some quick laps but he was matched for a while by Harry Hinson in 2nd with Riley Lowe in third and the top 6 who were all riding within about a 1 a lap of each other some very fierce racing! Wratten would hold out till the end as would Hinson and Lowe. Race 2 was almost a mirror image of r1 with Wratten again setting the fastest lap of the race in first for a 1-1 result Hinson was on form though and again pressed the issue till the end. Mx2 race winner Danny Harris would put in a great ride but was beaten to 3rd by Brett Revell abord his screaming 2 stroke Yamaha.

MAIN championship overall 1st Chris Wratten 2nd Harry Hinson 3rd Danny Harris 4th Riley Lowe 5th Fred Heath 6th Brett Revell

The B group qualifiers showed some great battles with different winner in each race. Race 1 saw Ross Cobb take the hole shot and lead the field but the competition was tough and he soon got pushed back to finish in 5th. Jason Baily showed he had what it takes to get the job done and set the fastest lap on his way to the win ahead of Jake butler and Rob Booth who were separated by couple of seconds. Race 2 saw r1 winner Baily get the holeshot and put down laps that couldn’t be matched by anyone else in this group and went on to take the 1-1. The race for 2nd was great to watch and had everyone cheering for their favourite rider places swapped back and forth. Jake Butler was looking good for the spot but a mistake cost him 4 place and Darren Heath lead Rob Booth and Lee Skinner to the line.

Round 10 of the series is up next which takes place at the Cusses Gorse circuit near Salisbury on the 6th August.

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