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Michelin Mx Nationals – Dates and venues for 2018

Michelin Mx Nationals – Dates and venues for 2018

by adminNovember 16, 2017

The team at MXN are pleased to announce their dates and venues for the 2018 season.

Round 1: April 7th/8th Lyng

Round 2: May 19th/20th Preston Docks

Round 3: May 26th/27th Hawkstone Park

Round 4: June 30th/1st July Sherwood

Round 5: July 14th/15th Canada Heights

Round 6: September 1st/2nd Crookwood

MXN Director Paul Irwin said  “We are pleased to be working with the same 6 venues as last season although in a slightly different order. I think we have proved that we can produce a great race track every time and although the weather tried to beat us a couple of times last season, these venues were in the best conditions of their lives. We have some great plans for 2018 and I’m sure the riders are going to love all six rounds”

The series continues to go from strength to strength after a successful 2017 season and based on 2018 registrations it looks like riders continue to support the championship.

Most classes are full with reserves as we speak, but don’t lose heart if you are not in yet. The date to settle registrations in full is January 6th 2018, after this time any rider that hasn’t paid the registration fee in full, will be refunded and a reserve rider offered that space.

The current 2018 rider list is online but subject to change if payment is not completed.

For more information on the series check out

Or contact the office on 01235 848767

Feature image courtesy of Andrew Waghorne