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Mear in control heading into 2018. Pitbike Speedway Championships Round 3 – Race Report & Results

Mear in control heading into 2018. Pitbike Speedway Championships Round 3 – Race Report & Results

by adminDecember 31, 2017

Speedway Ace Rob Mear finally brings his A game (and cheque book) 💸 to the PitBike speedway world championships. Mear upped his game after some new bike modifications to take control of the overall championship standings with a hard fought 2nd place today but still unable to head Edward Kennett. Kennett who has won 2 rounds on the bounce has pulled himself up to 8th overall but his absence from Rd1 has possibly cost him the 2017/2018 world title.

Images courtesy of Bob Ruffle – Grasstracksport

Mitchel Godden came home 3rd and resurrected his bid for championship glory after a duff result in GP2. Charley Powell secured another strong points haul and has moved up the overall standings, and is now only 2 points behind Mear in 2nd. De-throned championship leader Brandon Freemantle however was plagued with bike troubles and watched his championship points buffer disintegrate in seconds scoring a DNF in heat 1 and only finishing 5th in the B Final and 10th overall.

GP3 A-Final Results 🏁

1. Edward Kennett 20+25 – 45
2. Rob Mear 17+24 – 41
3. Mitchel Godden 16+23 – 39
4. Charley Powell 18+22 – 40
5. Tom Brennan 8+21 – 29
6. Adam Shipp 18+20 – 38
7. Dan Berwick 15+19 – 34
8. Matt Sauly 16+18 – 34

Championship Overall Standings after 3 Rounds

1. Rob Mear 107 Pts
2. Charley Powell 105
3. Brandon Fremantle 104
4. Mitchel Godden 102
5. Benny Read 96
6. Dan Berwick 94
7. Matt Sauly 90
8. Edward Kennett 86
9. Tom Brennan 80
10. Jeremy Skipp 78

Next event GP4 Sunday JAN 14th

Other Results: Team Pinch smashed the hopes of Team Vipers 🐍 in the grudge 7vs7 speedway match second half. Kennett unsurprisingly pinned a 12 point max but the surprise pairing for Pinch of Godden & Powell banged in successive 5-1’s and unfortunately missed out on a 3rd as Goddens bike suffered a thrown chain. Vipers mustered a late comeback with Mear on tactical for Vipers youngster Chad, but Team Pinch’s quality shone through for victory.

Thanks as always to our hosts at Iwade speedway for all of their hard work and effort.

Sandy Russell for handling our points scoring, Rocket Rodney McDonald for stepping in as Ref for the 🦀vs🐍, Scott Pritchard’s program assistance & Paul Oughton for his media exposure.

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