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It was fast and furious! Acerbis Race XC Round 5 – Race Report and Results

It was fast and furious! Acerbis Race XC Round 5 – Race Report and Results

by adminAugust 2, 2017

Last weekend saw Round 5 of Endurolands club championship Acerbis RaceXC head to Hertfordshire and it’s popular venue of Northaw Potters Bar.

Images and Highlights Video courtesy of Steve Buck

A long track had been set out and with the freshly cut grass at the ‘point to point’ course providing ideal race conditions for Saturdays Youth race.  As always the youth provided some thrilling XC action with close racing and the kids showing the way around the big course with Finley Thompson bringing it home in the 125cc class., with Joe Phillips 2nd and Olivia Knight in 3rd.

In the 85cc BW a cracking battle emerged with Kyle Saunders, Brandon Date and Max Brown all taking part.  Poor Max had a timber jump ‘incident’ leaving Kyle to take the win, with Brandon 2nd and Max eventually getting 3rd.
In the 85cc SW John Stanley once again took the win.Joe Cornelius was 2nd and Josh Knight in 3rd .

Jack Sandland had the 65cc class under control and seems to be enjoying his first season of RaceXC with the club. Lucas Travers took 2nd with Ryan Stoneley in 3rd .

Eddie Belton had a great ride in the Autos taking the win ahead of Reece Giles in 2nd and new rider Jadyn Hollingworth in 3rd.

A very well attended Round 5 proving that British Youth Championship status is the next step for the club so watch this space in 2018.

Heavy overnight rain caused the track team to rethink a few of the planned bog/ditch crossings for Sundays adult race and the course was reduced slightly to make the existing track manageable for the marshals and riders alike.

The first 5 or 6 laps got interesting before the track started to dry up slightly (bog aside) with great feedback from all the racers.

In the Clubman Plus class Aaron Bloomfield smashed it being undoubtedly the rider of the day and the only racer to hit 14 laps averaging 9 minutes per lap. Gavin Maggs kept it honest with 13 laps and 2nd place whilst Rich Heslop got 3rd in class.

Tim Hammond raced to a fabulous 3rd overall and 1st in the Clubman class with Ray Otoka 2nd and Kents Joe Pratt in 3rd. Vet rider Darren Bedford got 4th overall and 1st in his class with Mark Lewis 2nd and Marcus Humphrey in 3rd .

The Masters class was headed by Mick Belcher with Richard Wright and Mark Glover 2nd and 3rd respectively all three on 13 laps. Youth racer Chris Bailey hit 12th overall and 1st in class with Finley Thompson 2nd and young Joe Cornelius in 3rd on his 85cc .

The Sportsman class is always closely contested at RaceXC and ever improving Gary Curtis took the win. Ross Higgins took 2nd and Tony Chawner took 3rd after a big bog incident. Ironic when you think Tony had asked for more bog sections lol .

Our only lady rider of the day was Katie Robinson with 5 laps .

Well done to everyone on a very slick and tricky point to point.
It was such a great event we have decided to move R6 back here as the venue also needs to be used. The practice entry at this venue is always superb which has also helped with the decision .
As always the track will be different with some more bog sections and man made fun going in.


Adult Race

Pos Number Name Laps Group
1st 56 Aaron Bloomfield(joker Card) 14 Clubman Plus
2nd 225 Gavin Maggs(joker Card) 13 Clubman Plus
3rd 1 Tim Hammond 13 Clubman
4th 345 Darren Bedford 13 Vets
5th 251 Rich Heslop 13 Clubman Plus
6th 327 Mick Belcher 13 Masters
7th 117 Richard Wright(joker Card) 13 Masters
8th 123 Mark Glover 13 Masters
9th 197 Ray Otoka 12 Clubman
10th 204 Kirk Giles 12 Clubman Plus
11th 969 Mark Lewis 12 Vets
12th 312 Chris Bailey 12 Youth
13th 84 Greg Frieberg(joker Card) 12 Masters
14th 175 Finley Thompson 12 Youth
15th 616 Joe Pratt(joker Card) 12 Clubman
16th 37 Josh Buckley 12 Clubman Plus
17th 7 Marcus Humphrey 12 Vets
18th 17 Neil Richardson(joker Card) 12 Vets
19th 23 Gary Curtis 12 Sportsman/Novice
20th 16 Alan King 12 Masters
21st 124 Mick Dyson 12 Masters
22nd 222 Ross Higgins 12 Sportsman/Novice
23rd 35 Tony Chawner 12 Sportsman/Novice
24th 15 Jason Frieberg (joker Card) 12 Vets
25th 45 Antony Heatley 12 Masters
26th 174 Simon Wright(joker Card) 11 Clubman
27th 55 Vernon Bloomfield(joker Card) 11 Masters
28th 88 Steve Elliott 11 Clubman
29th 47 John Stephens(joker Card) 11 Vets
30th 116 Ben Hovell 11 Sportsman/Novice
31st 972 Steven Szmigielski 11 Vets
32nd 66 Darren Carter 11 Masters
33rd 311 Joe Cornelius 11 Youth
34th 919 Robert Pratt(joker Card) 11 Masters
35th 361 Les Robinson(joker Card) 11 Masters
36th 787 Matthew Knight 11 Sportsman/Novice
37th 436 Mike Lewis(joker Card) 11 Clubman
38th 221 Garth Meyer(joker Card) 11 Sportsman/Novice
39th 177 Gary Butler 11 Sportsman/Novice
40th 52 Kieran Day(joker Card) 10 Clubman
41st 5 Tom Ibbotson 10 Sportsman/Novice
42nd 918 Darren Hoadley(joker Card) 10 Masters
43rd 411 Rolf Beattie 10 Clubman
44th 32 Tim Jordan 10 Sportsman/Novice
45th 412 Ian Beattie 10 Clubman
46th 161 Malcom Clack 10 Sportsman/Novice
47th 770 Peter Stapleton 10 Sportsman/Novice
48th 121 Andrew Perring 9 Vets
49th 666 Max Siegel 9 Sportsman/Novice
50th 59 Gareth Roberts 9 Vets
51st 96 Jordon Saunders 9 Sportsman/Novice
52nd 278 Nick Connolly 9 Sportsman/Novice
53rd 4 Laurence Bennett 9 Sportsman/Novice
54th 110 Glen Richardson 7 Sportsman/Novice
55th 36 Simon Buckley 7 Vets
56th 51 David Brown(joker Card) 7 Masters
57th 917 Conrad Earll(joker Card) 6 Masters
58th 86 Lewis Ricketts(joker Card) 6 Sportsman/Novice
59th 502 Katie Robinson(joker Card) 5 Ladies
60th 343 Dale Ricketts(joker Card) 4 Masters
61st 12 Andrew Homer(joker Card) 4 Sportsman/Novice
62nd 111 Tim Austin 3 Vets
63rd 2 Lee Wren 2 Pro/Elite
64th 39 Jack Cole(joker Card) 1 Clubman Plus
65th 115 Richard Ovens 1 Sportsman/Novice
66th 77 Unnamed Racer 1