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Hughes on a high at Dauntsey! Enduroland Putoline Race XC Championships Round 4 – Race Report, Highlights and Results

Hughes on a high at Dauntsey! Enduroland Putoline Race XC Championships Round 4 – Race Report, Highlights and Results

by adminJune 25, 2018

Enduroland broke new ground at the weekend with a visit to a new venue and new area for the club and something quite different to the norm.  Dauntsey was fun, not technical, fast as hell, dusty, and well received by the regulars and locals alike.

Images courtesy of Dizzychoonz

The worry was the shorter track, the lack of harder sections and the speed, but after 3 fairly tough rounds, they needed a non stop fun venue and it certainly filled the void.

The club have been amazed at the feedback and really wasn’t expecting as many to have enjoyed it as they did.

A riders comment
‘I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy that ,but I’m in the championship,and support the club on their travels and actually realled loved it !’

The clubs reply … “We are seeking new venues and more variety, we do need ‘everyone’ to get behind every event. The problem at the moment is there are so many events, riders are diluted at all the club’s and it really isn’t helping the sport generally. Mid week the whole event nearly got withdrawn due to a very slow adult race entry and in all fairness the youth entry pulled it together. To get a new venue takes an enormous amount of time and planning. On this occasion it left the team with only a few days to prepare where with a bumper grid booking earlier we could do so much more (both natural terrain and man made fun).

Thank you to the riders who made the trip and we can now expand on that track putting the Enduroland stamp firmly in place if we visit again.(which we shall be doing)”

Saturday started off with Round 4 of the Kids/Youth RaceXC with a superb entry of 43 young guns taking to the start grids.

First off saw the 125cc youth, with Jake Roper once again leading the way from start to finish, reveling in the mega fast track and one of 6 riders hitting 15 laps. 2nd home in class was Jadyn Giles just under 2 minutes behind Jake.
3rd in the 125cc Youth was Reilly Dennison who also picked up the £50 Cash raffle prize. Max Brown was 4th, Ben Cook 5th, Olivia Knight 6th and Flynn Dennison in 7th.

Next off saw the 85cc BW class grace the Dauntsey grass for the first time. James Omara had an outstanding ride taking not only the class win but a fabulous 2nd overall. Popular Joe Cornelius took 2nd in class with Roman Skinner in 3rd. Zac Ward part of this weekends Ward dynasty took 4th. Kasper Collier was 5th, Harvey Ward 6th, Max Standfield in 7th, William Belton in 8th, Jacob Ball 9th and Archie Smith in 10th.Grace Ward received a special award for sportsmanship from Back On Track and placed 11th with her general race conduct being superb.(noted by all the marshals) Tom Cheshire finish 12th in the strong big wheel line up.

The Small wheel class saw another outstanding ride from Henry Life winning his class and taking a superb 3rd overall. John Stanley was right on him though, leading for 3 laps during the race to take a great 2nd in class. In 3rd on 14 laps was Jayden Westcott, with Jack Sandland in 4th, Josh Knight 5th, Oliver Cook 6th, Callym Hughes in 7th, Tom Knutt in 8th.  In 9th was debutant Finlay Roper, and 10th was Kian Busa.

The 65cc class had Eddie Belton eventually take the win swapping places with Ryan Stoneley throughout the race before Ryan dropped into 2nd on the penultimate lap.  Local boy on this occasion Reece Giles got an excellent 3rd, with Alicia Conduct in 4th, Rhys Hill 5th, Oakley Skinner 6th, Max Monk 7th and Riley Hill 8th.

The electric revolution continued with Kieran Maunder taking the 50cc/Auto/electric win and Fin Roper in 2nd.

A great tough race due to the fast track and dust, but a big well done to all the youth racers. Let’s hit 50 at Round 5.

Dauntsey offered a cracking paddock and camping area for the social side prior to Sunday’s racing.

Sunday morning started as per Saturday HOT !

The race entry as expected wasn’t the usual full grids but was equally important to all those who attended and we didn’t wish to let the landowner or the riders down by not running just because a few no shows occurred.

First off saw the Experts and Clubman Plus hit the Holeshot corner with Ryan Hughes taking the beer Holeshot and overall Expert win with 21 hot laps. Ryan had Ash Bowden close on his heels for virtually the whole race however Ash had the ride of his life after dropping well down on lap 2 with tyre issues, and he overtook most of the field to regain 2nd place until the flag …………amazing riding, and eventually finishing just over a minute behind Ryan. Jake Bowden finished 3rd with his own problems (A tree) on 18 laps.

In the Clubman Plus, Kirk Giles clocked up 20 laps to take the class win and 4th overall with Les Hubbard back for a 2nd place in class.

Another outstanding race from Chris Bailey put him on the top podium step and also an ever better 3rd overall. A great race for Chris who obviously reveled in the fast conditions. James Dover was 2nd and Garth Meyer was 3rd.

Finley Thompson smashed the 125cc Youth class also with 20 laps with local lad Jadyn Giles in 2nd and Max Brown 3rd. Olivia Knight rode her heart out for 4th place and an excellent 18 hot laps.

The Vets had Toby Hall at the helm and 20 laps from Toby gave him the win. Jason Frieberg pushed his bike a long way to secure 2nd place. Well done mate that was hot, and Stuart Westcott got 3rd.

In the Masters the team knew this track would suit the overall winner Greg Frieberg. He loved the fast sweeping track to take the 100pts. Mick Belcher took 2nd and was lucky to finish with a few bike issues at the flag. Anthony Heatley took the Holeshot and a credible 3rd.

In the Sportsman class Adam Lewis took the win with William Gorringe swapping the lead until dropping back on lap 14 to take a cracking 2nd place Tony ‘Choo Choo’ Chawner took 3rd .

An easier day terrain wise for the Novice racers, which saw the speed demons hit the track with Daniel Emmens in 1st place. Regular Stuart Tucker took 2nd and Colin Pascoe was 3rd.

To summarise…

Fast Furious and F…..Flipping Hot !!!!!

See you all at Potters Bar.

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Youth Race

Pos Bib Name Laps Group
1st 11 Jacob Roper 15 125cc Youth
2nd 81 James O’mara 15 85cc BW
3rd 8 Henry Life 15 85cc SW
4th 203 Jadyn Giles 15 125cc Youth
5th 1 John Stanley 15 85cc SW
6th 311 Joe Cornelius 15 85cc BW
7th 117 Reilly Dennison 14 125cc Youth
8th 72 Jayden Westcott 14 85cc SW
9th 401 Roman Skinner 14 85cc BW
10th 116 Zac Ward 14 85cc BW
11th 188 Kasper Collier 14 85cc BW
12th 115 Harvey Ward 14 85cc BW
13th 22 Max Brown 14 125cc Youth
14th 777 Benjamin Cook 14 125cc Youth
15th 120 Jack Sandland 14 85cc SW
16th 218 Max Standfield 14 85cc BW
17th 199 Josh Knight 13 85cc SW
18th 12 William Belton 13 85cc BW
19th 40 Jacob Ball 13 85cc BW
20th 111 Oliver Cook 13 85cc SW
21st 204 Olivia Knight 13 125cc Youth
22nd 210 Callum Hughes 12 85cc SW
23rd 96 Tom Nutt 12 85cc SW
24th 46 Eddie Belton 12 65cc
25th 45 Ryan Stoneley 12 65cc
26th 20 Archie Smith 12 85cc BW
27th 70 Finlay Taylor 11 85cc SW
28th 6 Kian Busa 11 85cc SW
29th 202 Reece Giles 11 65cc
30th 97 Alicia Conduct 11 65cc
31st 7 Flynn Dennison 11 125cc Youth
32nd 71 Rhys Hill 10 65cc
33rd 94 Oakley Skinner 9 65cc
34th 158 Kieran Maunder 9 50cc Auto
35th 48 Fin Roper 9 50cc Auto
36th 114 Grace Ward 9 85cc BW
37th 113 Max Monk 7 65cc
38th 14 Tom Cheshire 7 85cc BW
39th 17 Riley Hill 6 65cc

Adult Race

Pos Bib Name Laps Group
1st 119 Ryan Hughes 21 Experts
2nd 191 Ash Bowden 21 Experts
3rd 312 Chris Bailey 20 Clubman
4th 204 Kirk Giles 20 Clubman Plus
5th 411 Les Hubbard 20 Clubman Plus
6th 500 Toby Hall 20 Vets
7th 19 James Dover 20 Clubman
8th 175 Finley Thompson 20 125cc Open
9th 300 Garth Meyer 20 Clubman
10th 88 Stephen Elliott 20 Clubman
11th 84 Greg Freiberg 20 Masters
12th 23 Gary Curtis 20 Clubman
13th 327 Mick Belcher 20 Masters
14th 15 Jason Freiberg 20 Vets
15th 45 Antony Heatley 19 Masters
16th 203 Jadyn Giles 19 125cc Open
17th 103 Adam Lewis 19 Sportsman
18th 95 William Gorringe 19 Sportsman
19th 3 Tony Chawner 19 Sportsman
20th 11 Ross Dover 19 Masters
21st 177 Gary Butler 19 Sportsman
22nd 264 Daniel Emmens 19 Novice
23rd 69 Stuart Tucker 19 Novice
24th 14 Stuart Westcott 19 Vets
25th 181 Matt Orton 19 Vets
26th 35 Jake Bowden 18 Experts
27th 222 Ross Higgins 18 Sportsman
28th 16 Alan King 18 Masters
29th 723 Chris Hempstead 18 Clubman
30th 87 Randall Hughes 18 Masters
31st 22 Max Brown 18 125cc Open
32nd 20 Olivia Knight 18 125cc Open
33rd 171 Colin Pascoe 18 Novice
34th 304 Vinnie Brown 18 Clubman
35th 110 Nicholas Coates 17 Novice
36th 691 Graham Smith 17 Novice
37th 92 Robert Seviour 17 Novice
38th 278 Nick Connolly 17 Novice
39th 722 Huw Williams 17 Novice
40th 128 Daniel Whittemore 16 Novice
41st 414 Nick Alterskye 16 Novice
42nd 36 Simon Buckley 16 Vets
43rd 78 Derek Tucker 16 Masters
44th 422 Michael Hodgkinson 16 Novice
45th 76 Leon Driver 15 Sportsman
46th 333 Jace Blinko 15 Novice
47th 13 Chris Copeman 15 Novice
48th 97 James Smith 15 Sportsman
49th 246 David Jones 15 Novice
50th 224 Warren Brown 14 Vets
51st 7 Paul Skinner 14 Masters
52nd 197 Ray Otoka 12 Clubman
53rd 121 Reg Perring 10 Vets
54th 692 Dean Faulkner 3 Novice