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Feature Team Update. Bennett/Hughes Grasstrack Sidecar Team – The Season progresses

Feature Team Update. Bennett/Hughes Grasstrack Sidecar Team – The Season progresses

by adminAugust 2, 2017

It’s been a busy season so far for our Feature Sidecar Grasstrack team, Louis Bennett gives us an update on his crew and his Dad’s.

Images courtesy of Martin Isley

“”Since our last update we’ve had a real mixed bag of results. Our first meeting since the report was Fenland. We’ve rode Fenland a few times before so in a way we knew what to expect – it’s a track we enjoy. We made the final, unfortunately our dads missed the final due to further gear box problems.

Following that we proceeded to Frittenden which again is another track we enjoy. We were able to pip our dads to the final but struggled to get out the gate in the 6-lap final. We ventured down to the 500cc sidecar European semi-final at Wimborne to mechanic for our dads. Dad did very well and made the B-final. In the b final dad made the best gate and was 1st to the first bend. A racing incident caused the heat to be re-run. Dad made the gate but just couldn’t get into 2nd place narrowly missing out and having to settle for 1st reserve.

Next up was very local Ledbury, we enjoyed a relaxing Saturday evening of racing. We battled with dad (Barrie) who had a stand in passenger and returnee to the chair – Phil Rowlands. Dad seemed to have escaped the mechanical gremlins he had had until this point in the season and took 3rd place after going all day unbeaten. The juniors pushed as hard as they could but had to settle for 5th.

We planned to journey to the south of France for the European final but with the Master of Midshires the next day and the costs we just couldn’t find it viable. Midshires for the super-series was next up and it’s a new track for the juniors. Very mediocre but after the 2nd heat crew 77 noticed a rattle coming from the engine that was found out to be a knackered cam roller bearing. Dad managed to get 2nd pick in the B-Final but didn’t get to take the outing as the meeting was cancelled due to dust. We were offered a ride at Kings Lynn Speedway as a support class. We enjoyed a close night of racing with a lot of to and fro action for fun rather than competition and the juniors enjoyed their first speedway track.

We journeyed down to Kent for Frittenden sleeping in the m20 services. Frittenden was a pairs meeting which we were glad to be able to pair up. We ride well together and the seniors look after us as much as they could. Wining a heat, a piece we finished 3rd overall and it was a pleasure to share a podium step as a family. Cheshire was the next outing which again was nice local one again and was another super series. The track was hard to get to grips with but we managed to get into the b final and our dads went straight into the a final. We didn’t get off the mark at all but to our favour it was re rerun due to an unsatisfactory start. In the rerun we had to fight from the back to get but couldn’t get to 2nd place and had to settle for 4th. In the final dad flew from the traps couldn’t get close to run aways Josh Goodwin and Liam Brown and took 2nd place.

We have Cornwall next which again is super series and we haven’t been there since their revamp. This seasons really enjoyable and look forward to the back end of our first full season.”