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Festival Fever. Enduroland Endurofest – Report & Results

Festival Fever. Enduroland Endurofest – Report & Results

by adminMay 30, 2018

Last weekend saw an early version of the normal Enduroland Autumn Festival of Enduro.  The three days of the late May bank holiday is now the new date set for Endurofest which is in its 11th year and still unheard of by many off road racers and riders.

Images courtesy of Dizzychoonz

Hopefully after this last event most will now realise what a fun weekend it is, full of bike time and challenging disciplines for all abilities and ages and great for spectators.

A round of the club champs also takes place so here’s the scoop from Endurofest 2018.

After a blistering hot week the build was completed on Friday night and around 5 miles of track was presented to the racers and riders at 4pm. Endurofest is always linked to the timber obstacles and fun man made sections the club are renowned for.

As always prior to events this year rain came early Friday and lingered for most of the day giving the team an early start and track changes for the first event of the weekend, which was the Youth 1.5 hour race, Club Championship Round Three and Endurofest trophy.

Seals Hill Farm in Chacombe, near Banbury or Fred’s as it’s fondly known, is clay/sandy based and rain brings potential problems on track although the paddock and camping are fairly bombproof so with a few switches, and impossible when wet hillclimbs removed, the 48 racer strong youth XC race got underway -(officially making the Putoline Youth RaceXC the best attended xc/enduro club championship in England.)

The 125cc youth class hit the first jump and away followed by the 85cc BW ,the small wheel, the 65cc and finally the 50cc autos and electric lads.(3 kuberg electric steeds on the grid) 

Young Bristol based Alfie Webb took a few laps to get into the groove and on lap 4 moved into the lead to take the 125c youth win with 9 laps of the huge farm loop. Regular 125cc top step podium rider Jake Roper had a couple of longer laps with his own problems and dropped back to take a credible 2nd in class and 3rd overall at the flag.Reilly Dennison took 3rd in class with Ben Cook 4th, Jadyn Giles in 5th and Tyler Davis in 6th. Olivia Knight finished in 7th with a cracking 7 laps and 16th overall .

In the Big wheel class popular Joe Cornelius also stuttered through the first few laps before settling down to take the lead in this class and finishing on 8 laps and 5th overall. Zac Ward took 2nd with Kasper Collier in 3rd. William Belton, Grace Ward, Flynn Dennison and Morgan Plaskett finished off the class.

What a cracking ride from Small Wheel pilot Henry Life with a superb 1st in class and second overall…amazing! John Stanley was 2nd and Jack Sandland in 3rd. Josh Knight had a steady 7 laps for 4th with Hayden Westcott, Archie Peters, Oliver Cook and Paul Parker finishing the class.

Eddie Belton won the 65cc class with 4 riders also on 6 laps. Rhys Hill was 2nd, withLucas Travers in 3rd. Jake Homer, Chris Meek, Oakley Skinner, Riley Hill, Alicia Conduct, Reece Giles, Reece Parker, Max Monk and Lucas Marshall finished the class.

Now the auto class at Round 3 saw no less than 3 electric powered bikes and podium regular and R1 and 2 winner Kieran Maunder sparked another win.  Another electric bike took 2nd place with club newbie Daniel Rosborough in 2nd and petrol driven auto pilot Fin Roper taking 3rd. Harry Gay continued the electric revolution in 4th with Jack Brookes, Alfie Brookes and Lewis Homer finishing the class.

A tough day at the office for the young guns but they seem to thrive in the harder conditions!

£50 club raffle went to the Brookes Family .
MOTOking 85cc SW holeshot prize Henry Life

The regular KADS. Kids and dads track day followed the kids/youth race with the scheduled EX Sprint shelved due to the weather and wet timber structures.

A fabulous first day with the paddock buzzing -literally as Kuberg offered electric bike try outs we shall get a report from them shortly on the interest.
The Sunday fun began at around 3am for the team as torrential rain, thunder and lightning woke most campers. At 5am a track inspection by Boss and weather check gave the go ahead at 6am for the days fun to take place.

The days racers arrived with big smiles after what seemed a certain ‘cancel it ‘ decision turned into ‘let’s do it’ and once again a few tweaks got made and the grid of nearly 100 racers took the Union Jack flag drop.

Heavy rain was forecast at 10am so the team got everyone away on time, and after some real first few lap carnage areas got sorted, most racers got into the groove and by the 4th lap as the track began to settle and become the venue most expect, although some found it very hard to get grip and retired. (not such an issue at these events as further track time after the race is offered in your race entry deal)

Charlie Frost fried the course and took the class and overall win with 13 laps averaging around 10 minutes per lap also taking the case of beer holeshot. Dan Boam chased hard for 2nd in the experts and overall with Aaron Bloomfield 3rd in class and 5th overall with 11 laps.

In the Vets local Laurence Wiltshire had a fabulous Sunday with the holeshot, the vets win and a cracking 3rd overall. A good day at the office for Laurence. Paul Skinner took 2nd and Julian Cook 3rd.

In the Clubman Chris Bailey came of age with an awesome 4th overall and class win. Good guy Robert Montrose dropped a few places due to assisting a fallen rider but once timing replaced his average lap a well deserved 2nd was awarded just ahead of Gary Curtis in 3rd.

Crazy horse Adam Carter just rode flat out everywhere to give him the Sportsman win and possibly his best ever overall in 9th. Carl Squire took 2nd and Tony ‘Choo Choo’ Chawner took 3rd.

Paul Evans brought home the Masters win with Ross Dover 2nd and ‘Gorgeous’ George Dennison in 3rd.

In the Clubman Plus Matt ‘where’s the clock ‘Joyce hit 10 laps for the win with Kirk Giles in 2nd.

The Novice warriors saw Stuart Tucker lead from the start for the win with 9 laps and a credible 22nd overall. Jack Hawkins took 2nd and Bryan Moore took 3rd.

The 125cc Open class had newbie Ben Cook on the top step and Finley Thompson both on 8 laps in 2nd. Jadyn Giles took 3rd.

A very tough, if not the toughest start to a race at Chacombe with the track back to normal after about 4 laps. The track day riders got the best of the venue and the job got done with the track amazing after lunch.

£100 club raffle Nick Coates
Beer Holeshots
Expert/Clubman plus Charlie Frost
Clubman /125cc Paul Moore
Vets/Masters Laurence Wiltshire

A very healthy entry turned out for the Adult track day .
Onto Monday and the Enduroland Scramble. An 8 race extravaganza which in the eyes of the Enduroland team is the champagne event of the year.

Great to ride and great for spectators. A win win scenario ..

The practice lap set off just after 10am and after taking a tad longer than expected all racers took to their grids.

A cross between enduro/mx/old skool and Endurocross the full lap was now back in play and 10 minutes was the target time for the Experts with the first jump being the spectator point and providing most of the days drama, thrills and spills.

First off the grid each race were the Experts/Clubman plus/Clubman with jump crazy racers all in the mix.

In the Experts both Dan Boam and Aaron Bloomfield went head to head in each race with big air and fabulous controlled racing to give Dan the overall Spring Scramble Expert win taking 7 out of 8 races. Aaron getting some payback with the final race win, and it was superb to watch. Harry Wichman also in the mix.

The clubman pair of Chris Bailey and Paul Moore raced hard in every test along with Kieran Day, Ian Davis and Max Siegel.Chris Bailey taking the overall Spring Scramble Clubman win.

Next up was the 125cc open Vets and Masters grid. Alfie Webb had a great ride after his Saturday afternoon ‘little off’ to take the Spring Scramble 125cc win, Tyler Davis took 2nd.


Putoline Youth Race XC

Pos Bib Name Laps Group
1st 40 Alfie Webb 9 125cc Youth
2nd 8 Henry Life 8 85cc Sw
3rd 11 Jake Roper 8 125cc Youth
4th 1 John Stanley 8 85cc Sw
5th 311 Joe Cornelius 8 85cc BW
6th 116 Zac Ward 8 85cc BW
7th 117 Reilly Dennison 8 125cc Youth
8th 777 Benjamin Cook 8 125cc Youth
9th 188 Kasper Collier 8 85cc BW
10th 12 William Belton 8 85cc BW
11th 120 Jack Sandland 7 85cc Sw
12th 203 Jadyn Giles 7 125cc Youth
13th 199 Josh Knight 7 85cc Sw
14th 69 Tyler Davis 7 125cc Youth
15th 72 Jayden Westcott 7 85cc Sw
16th 204 Olivia Knight 7 125cc Youth
17th 2 Archie Peters 6 85cc Sw
18th 46 Eddie Belton 6 65cc
19th 71 Rhys Hill 6 65cc
20th 211 Lucas Travers 6 65cc
21st 111 Oliver Cook 6 85cc Sw
22nd 122 Jake Homer 6 65cc
23rd 54 Chris Meek 5 65cc
24th 158 Kieran Maunder 5 50cc Auto
25th 64 Daniel Rosborough 5 50cc Auto
26th 94 Oakley Skinner 5 65cc
27th 23 Paul Parker 5 85cc Sw
28th 114 Grace Ward 5 85cc BW
29th 17 Riley Hill 5 65cc
30th 97 Alicia Conduct 5 65cc
31st 202 Reece Giles 5 65cc
32nd 7 Flynn Dennison 4 85cc BW
33rd 166 Morgan Plaskett 4 85cc BW
34th 48 Fin Roper 4 50cc Auto
35th 77 Reece Parker 4 65cc
36th 31 Harry Gay 4 50cc Auto
37th 28 Jack Brookes 3 50cc Auto
38th 113 Max Monk 3 65cc
39th 27 Alfie Brookes 3 50cc Auto
40th 18 Lewis Homer 3 50cc Auto
41st 44 Lucas Marshall 3 65cc

Putoline Adult RaceXC

Pos Bib Name Laps Group
1st 4 Charlie Frost 13 Experts
2nd 212 Dan Boam 12 Experts
3rd 79 Laurence Wiltshire 11 Vets
4th 312 Chris Bailey 11 Clubman
5th 56 Aaron Bloomfield 11 Experts
6th 447 Robert Montrose 10 Clubman
7th 23 Gary Curtis 10 Clubman
8th 77 Paul Skinner 10 Vets
9th 791 Adam Carter 10 Sportsman
10th 27 Matthew Joyce 10 Clubman Plus
11th 717 Julian Cook 10 Vets
12th 166 Paul Evans 10 Masters
13th 11 Ross Dover 10 Masters
14th 777 George Dennison 9 Masters
15th 45 Antony Heatley 9 Masters
16th 210 Andrew Newland 9 Vets
17th 500 Toby Hall 9 Vets
18th 8 Carl Squire 9 Sportsman
19th 204 Kirk Giles 9 Clubman Plus
20th 15 Jason Frieberg 9 Vets
21st 3 Tony Chawner 9 Sportsman
22nd 69 Stuart Tucker 9 Novice
23rd 95 William Gorringe 9 Sportsman
24th 197 Ray Otoka 9 Clubman
25th 300 Garth Meyer 8 Clubman
26th 35 Jacob Bowden 8 Experts
27th 592 Lee Durrant 8 Sportsman
28th 771 Benjamin Cook 8 125cc Open
29th 441 Jack Hawkins 8 Novice
30th 49 Thomas Smith 8 Clubman
31st 301 Dominic Mcsheehy 8 Clubman
32nd 222 Ross Higgins 8 Sportsman
33rd 175 Finley Thompson 8 125cc Open
34th 308 Olly Shafer 8 Sportsman
35th 52 Chris Day 8 Masters
36th 97 Jack George 8 Sportsman
37th 66 Darren Carter 8 Masters
38th 14 Stuart Westcott 8 Vets
39th 292 Chris Richardson 8 Clubman
40th 140 Melvin Morris 7 Sportsman
41st 501 John Parker 7 Sportsman
42nd 502 Simon Marshall 7 Sportsman
43rd 181 Matt Orton 7 Vets
44th 29 Andy Steward 7 Clubman
45th 179 Bryan Moore 7 Novice
46th 78 Derek Tucker 7 Vets
47th 902 Shaun Parker 7 Novice
48th 83 Aston Day 6 Experts
49th 203 Jadyn Giles 6 125cc Open
50th 59 Gareth Roberts 6 Vets
51st 92 Robert Seviour 6 Novice
52nd 1000 Dean Faulkner 6 Novice
53rd 1 Ash Bowden 5 Experts
54th 73 Glen Varden 5 Vets
55th 519 James Smith 5 Sportsman
56th 19 Janes Dover 5 Clubman
57th 178 Graham Smith 5 Novice
58th 159 Ben Forbes 5 Novice
59th 177 Gary Butler 5 Sportsman
60th 5 Louis Oregan 5 Sportsman
61st 41 Lee Devenport 5 Novice
62nd 122 Jez Sheehan 5 Sportsman
63rd 117 Reilly Dennison 5 125cc Open
64th 160 Carl Williams 4 Sportsman
65th 722 Huw Williams 4 Novice
66th 61 Chris Lunnon 4 Novice
67th 128 Daniel Whittemore 4 Novice
68th 414 Nick Alterskye 4 Novice
69th 289 Chris Travers 3 Sportsman
70th 16 Alan King 3 Masters
71st 302 Stuart Mcsheehy 3 Clubman
72nd 76 Leon Driver 3 Sportsman
73rd 84 Greg Frieberg 2 Masters
74th 422 Michael Hodgkinson 2 Novice
75th 13 Chris Copeman 2 Novice
76th 144 Ian Hart 1 Clubman
77th 421 Ady Graham 1 Novice
78th 420 Carey Bennett 1 Novice
79th 115 Richard Oven 1 Novice