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Feature Team intro – Tom Cossar & Ryan Barker 1000cc Grasstrack & Speedway Sidecar crew.

Feature Team intro – Tom Cossar & Ryan Barker 1000cc Grasstrack & Speedway Sidecar crew.

by adminMarch 7, 2017

Here goes with the latest Feature team intro for Dirt Hub in 2017 in the form of 1000cc Sidecar Grasstack and Speedway duo Tom Cossar and Ryan Barker.   Over to Tom who tells us about his past and the teams future goals.

“My name is Tom Cossar, I am a 24 year old drainage engineer from Rugby.  I started racing sidecars on Grasstrack on my 16th birthday with my brother Mark, when in our 2nd race of the day the grab rail snapped and flung me off the back which resulted in me breaking my wrist and thumb but that didn’t put me off.  I continued that season with Mark, until I had a bad crash while passenger for Peter Lloyd on Kings Lynns speedway track which resulted in a severe back problem, but I carried on the season with Mark and won the British Masters Grasstrack title in 2009, becoming the youngest ever brother duo to win the event.   However due to my back condition I decided to let Carl Blyth take my place for good with Mark to give my body time to recover.

I occasionally did the odd race meeting helping out with passengering other riders in the forthcoming years until I bought my first bike in 2013.  I hadn’t really won any race meetings or races until last year where I adapted my newer grass bike to suit me and my form and skill both increased massively.   I’ve been through a lot of passenger’s over the last 4 years but towards the end of the season I teamed up with a complete rookie called Ryan Barker and since our first race we have managed to win a few races and even won the last meeting we entered together giving us a massive moral boost for this year.

For this year I would like to cement my name as a top ten rider in England both on the grass and shale. I have a two bikes now which are my grasstrack bike from last year, and a new addition in a sidecar speedway outfit ready to ride the British championships both on the grass and shale.  My aim is to finish 4th or above in the Sidecar Speedway championships to give me the opportunity to race against the Australians next year, and realistically I’d like to be top 6 in the British Masters Grasstrack  this year cementing my place in next year’s Masters.

Last year I had a roller coaster of a season crashing at both the Masters qualifier and the Masters itself including a few club meetings, so I’d like to finish this season with no accidents at all,  but as long as I get home to my family that’s all that really matters. With no sponsors apart from family it’s increasingly hard to cover costs for my racing but with any luck after a good constant year this year hopefully next year will be different.”

We look forward to keeping up with Tom & Ryan’s progress during 2017.