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Feature Racer Season Review – Tom Cossar

Feature Racer Season Review – Tom Cossar

by adminJanuary 3, 2018

Thanks to Tom Cossar for being our feature Sidecar Grasstrack and Speedway crew in 2017 and we look following them in 2018 also.  Over to Tom with his end of season review..

“With my best year as a rider now firmly over,  i would like to firstly send out my thanks to all who have stepped in to help myself and team 29 accomplish all that we have, to Ryan Barker for starting the season and Wayne Rickards for finishing and going forward into next season with me, both brilliant passengers. To Mark and Andy Cossar for the constant help and growth of both myself and the bike, without these two I wouldn’t have accomplished half of what I have today. I won’t go into full details of who has done what for the team however I will mention a few who I feel deserve mentioning. In no particular order, Sally and Hannah Palmer, Tony at Bandit Clothing, Malk at Diamonds Motorcycles and to the heroes behind the scenes putting meetings together for us all to compete.

Like most years we have had a bit of a roller coaster of a season from blowing engines to winning meetings from swapping passenger to trying new bikes from borrowing vehicles to get the team to tracks to buying our own van, and that’s just the start. Alongside life outside of racing its been hard to stay committed, but with the help of family I’m glad I have, as I like to think I’m starting to become a threat to the top teams.

Moving forward into 2018 I am hoping to have a slightly changed chassis running the same engines as last year, combined with the same passenger and a bigger race van its set to be a good year. Alongside the Grasstrack the speedway will be a equal focus for team 29, and we are hoping to build a new speedway outfit to accompany the grass bike running the same engine and carb setup for both to give us the ability to swap and change bits to make sure we never miss a race. 

As with most teams we are struggling to get both bikes and kit set up so we will have to compromise on a few aspects of the racing. We are hoping to get more sponsors and companies involved this season so if your are a business owner or just merely looking to help and get involved in a top growing race team please feel free to get in touch to discuss further details.

Alongside my racing I will be becoming a trained instructor and will be on the committee for the HMRCC club so I can help set up more meetings and encourage people into the sport. 2017 has been a great year and we will strive to continue this form into 2018.

If anyone would like to contribute to my racing or get involved in the training school i am looking to start you can contact me directly on 07526134644 or send me a email to”

Images courtesy of Darren Nokes