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by adminAugust 5, 2017

The latest update from our Feature Family, the Giles’s 

“The Giles family racing season continues to bring much loved family fun and a few bruises to rider number 204.

Jadyn continues to race in the Enduroland Youth and the 3 hour Hare and Hounds series and continues to show progression and clearly enjoying his riding and socialising with the Enduroland/Chiltern Hills family. Jadyn has shown great improvements in the Chiltern Hills Enduro with real determination to be classed as one of the fast boys. Jadyn has had a taste of riding a KTM 125, at 13 he is starting to make his BW85 look like a mini-moto. Needless to say we are now on the lookout for a 125 as it suited Jadyn, he does however have to see the season out on the 85 due to championships. Mum and Dad are proud of his efforts for getting faster each race.

Number 202 Reece Giles has had mixed emotions over the past 6 weeks with a difficult race at Rd 4 of the Enduroland series where he was beat by 1 position by his closest competitor Kieron Mauder. This made Reece determined for revenge at Rd 5, Reece finish second in group a few places ahead of Kieron. I’m sure this will see Kieron determined for revenge in the other direction at Rd 6. These two certainly have a great race ethos trying their best and challenging one another. Reece remains in the top 3 of the championship standings. Encouraging for Reece is that he is now practising on his KTM sx65 in preparation for next year and he’s doing really well and likes the bigger bike.

The underperformer of the family being Dad! Kirk’s been crashing at most races in the past month or so. Crashing at Rd 4 of the Enduroland championship saw Kirk hit a kicker and taste dirt injuring his shoulder but struggling through for a finish. Couple of weeks later at Chiltern Hills whilst chasing the race leader Kirk went down hard again on the same shoulder. Now there is a few weeks break to allow for some well needed recovery and for the hunger for racing to return.

Something which is worth sharing is the Enduroland spirit and friendliness which was experienced at Rd 5 and in actual fact is present at all their events. On the Saturday we witnessed riders lending bikes, wheels, tools and anything else that was required throughout the day. Just to name a few; Kyle Saunders lending Joe Cornelius a set of wheels, The Leggett family lending Kyle Saunders a bike to race, Joe Cornelius lending Jadyn a spare wheel when Jadyn’s got a puncture during the race. Massive thanks to all the dads that helped sort jadyn’s bike out during the race and getting him to the finish line. After the race, during practice all sorts of support being shown with Riley Hill trying Kieron Mauders Big Wheel 50, Olivia knight letting Jadyn try her 125. So if you’re thinking of trying an Enduro make sure you consider Enduroland.

Watch this space for the 4th member of the family to try her hand at 2 wheeled fun!!!”