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Feature Crew Update. Tom Cossar. Master’s Miss out

Feature Crew Update. Tom Cossar. Master’s Miss out

by adminSeptember 11, 2017

We caught up with our Feature 1000cc Sidecar Grasstrack Racer Tom Cossar….

“Its been a another great season so far.  Since the first few meetings lots has changed from passengers to engines to jobs while trying to maintain a fast and competitive pace which is easier said then done. Since my last update my passenger Ryan had to stand back from racing as he is trying to save for a house, however Wayne Rickards was quick enough to say yes to stand in for a meeting and soon became my permanent passenger. I’ve raced briefly with Wayne before so we already knew we would be a reasonable force but I think we’ve made some massive strides together so far the best of course winning the British Clubmans championship.

The clubmans is always a good meeting as it’s the gateway to the British Masters and usually holds a strong line-up as only the top 6 from the previous masters aren’t there. We started the meeting strong, winning our first 2 rides passing people on our way through but during the 3rd heat we had a coil pack wire break on us causing us to come last. We then missed a heat while trying to find out the problem and fix it however luckily we had enough points to make the semi finals. As the track was very grippy we lifted out the gate in the semi and couldn’t find our way through the field coming 4th just grabbing us enough points for 5th pick of the gates in the final. The first run of the final we lifted yet again out the gate getting to the first corner in 5th then while trying to make our way through the field Rob Bradley’s passenger lost grip and caused the race to be stopped. Before the re run we took a gamble and went out of the widest and deepest rut we could find in a hope to try get a better gate as the track was becoming harder to pass on and it worked a treat, we rocketed out of our gate grabbing first place by the first corner and leading all the way to the finish line.

We however couldn’t make the Masters this year due to misleading information regarding the date and booking a holiday on the day itself. Our next meeting is now going to be Bristol on the 17th of September and then the final of the British speedway championships on the 24th of October.

Feature image courtesy of Lawrence Hammonds