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Living on the Edge – Edge Offroad’s Protect My Income Championship Round 1 is this weekend. Entries available

Living on the Edge – Edge Offroad’s Protect My Income Championship Round 1 is this weekend. Entries available

by adminMarch 9, 2018

Edge Offroad bounce back into life this weekend, March 10th and 11th, with a Practise Day on Saturday, and Sunday hosting Round 1 of the new Protect My Income Cross Country Championship. The plan is with this main 10 round Championship, largely based in the north of England, to run each event at a different venue. The Edge Crew are certainly not sat back waiting for this to happen on its own when it comes to providing new challenges and venue option.

Images courtesy of Jim Forsyth

Kirton Off Road Centre will host Round one of the Championship. A fantastic paddock area for camping and parking, and a designated bike wash area makes life much easier for all riders. The Start Line will be on the old MX Track, going straight into some of the drier MX going at the beginning of the loop, and then off into the more technical side of the quarry. Using the woodland at the top end, and some new graded areas that have never been used before. Access to the Spectator platform is literally a 30 second walk from the Signing On tent. So the course will feature some woodland, rolling hills, slopes, descents, rock sections, some open going, MX track and a bit of mud! We are hoping for a lap time of around 12 minutes on this 4 mile course which is suitable for all abilities.

The Youth event covers three classes, 50 Autos all the way up to 125cc. They will have their own track which is shorter than the Adult loop.

Adults cover all classes across 2 races – AM Event Novice, Sportsman, Sportsman Vets, Over50 and Ladies. PM Event Clubman, PM Vets, Expert and Premier.  ONLY 12 SPACES LEFT

All prices for Licence and Entry fees on the website www.edgeoffroad.events/contact-us

The crew are also using a new lap scoring feature – LIVE TIMING! So whilst the riders are competing, all spectators can see how their rider is doing! Please make sure your numbers are stuck on your bike correctly!

Remember only registered Members are eligible to score Championship points on Sunday, so don’t waste Round 1 points by not being a Member. Points can not be back dated if non members make top 15 in results, don’t wait to be disappointed!

Online Membership www.edgeoffroad.events/memberships-2018

Online Entries www.edgeoffroad.events/events-2018