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Ground hog day at Kirton. Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

Ground hog day at Kirton. Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 17, 2017

It was Ground hog day at the weekend for Lincolnshire Enduro Clubs latest race. Run last time in April, the club

George Birchall motoring

went back to the “Kirton Off Road Centre” in the north of the county for round five of their nine round series.

Race Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Terri Saunders

It was also back to the familiar scenario of two 90 minute races instead of the straight through 3 hour ‘marathon’ seen last time.The quarry at Kirton is possibly one of the harder events of the year and with summer downpours seen in the days leading up to the event, one or two patches of the racetrack were akin to being on an ice rink ! Whilst there was plenty of “run off” for riders overcooking parts of the course, any tumbles wouldn’t have entailed soft landings. (Dear reader ..I have bruises to prove it !!)As the club is

Joe Tapper

now just over half way through their first season, each class is beginning to see a few riders stretching out an advantage over their respective rivals. However, it is still early days and with riders being able to drop their worst two rounds, nothing is guaranteed. With another win in his class, George Birchall now tops the leader board in the experts class. George has won every round he has entered in the class so far. Likewise, Tara Hollingsworth has yet to be beaten in the Ladies class, her rivals not able to knock her off the top spot.Other class wins were as follows…Clubmen…Ryan Patrick/Sportsman…Lee Bradie/Over 40’s…Alec Owen/Over 50’s…Neil Tapper/Beginners… Colin Knockles/Trail and Classic…Steve Langley

Round six of the series takes place at Willingham on the 6th of August. Full details of that and other aspects of the club can be found a thttp://lincolnshireenduroclub.webs.com/