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Gone Potty. Enduroland Acerbis Race XC Round 6 – Race Report and Results

Gone Potty. Enduroland Acerbis Race XC Round 6 – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 8, 2017

The good folk of Enduroland headed to the varied terrain of their Northaw Equestrian Centre near Potters Bar for round 6 of their Acerbis sponsored Race XC championships.

Feature Video and Action Images courtesy of Steve Buck – Dizzychoonz

Along side practice, Saturday hosted the Youth Race which saw Finley Thompson take the overall win and the 125cc victory although only by 7 seconds, as James Thompson kept in close contact coming 2nd overall and in the class.  Olivia Knight was the third place finisher in the 125cc class.

At the head of the Big Wheel 85’s it was as impressive performance by Brandon Date, followed by Dirt Hub Feature families Jaydn Giles who was 2nd and Max Brown 3rd.  In the Small Wheel 85’s the victory went to John Stanley, with Joe Cornelius 2nd and Josh Knight taking 3rd.

Lucas Travers stole the show in the 65cc’s with a solid 10 laps with his closest rival and 2nd place finisher Ryan Stoneley a lap behind with 9, with Rhys Hill in 3rd.

The little Auto’s did an awesome job battling round the track and massive credit to them all. The win went the way of Eddie Belton, with another of our feature family, Reece Giles in 2nd with Jaden Hollingworth in third.

Onto the Sunday and the Adult race… it was Aaron Bloomfield’s day as he raced to the Overall win and victory in the Clubman Plus class with 15 laps. Aston Day was just 27 seconds further behind for 2nd overall and in the Clubman Plus, with Gavin Maggs third in that class.

Third overall was Tim Hammond who also was the Clubman winner, ahead of John Butler and James Palmer.

Right up there with 5th overall and the Vets win was Darren Bedford who rode consistently quick to keep on the same lap as the winner.  Runner up in the Vets was Neil Richardson, with Mark Green in 3rd.

Mixing it in with the Adults and making a good account of themselves was the youth class which was won by Chris Bailey over Saturdays Youth 125cc winner Finley Thompson with James Thompson in third.

Doing it for the Masters was Mick Belcher on 14 laps with Darren Carter 2nd and Antony Healey 3rd.

In the Sportsman/Novice class the win went the way of Garth Meyer.  Tony Chawner was second in this class ahead of the third place finisher Gary Curtis.  There was only one lady Competitor and that was Alice Bowen who completed a good 10 laps.

All thoughts turn now for Enduroland to the 10th staging of Endurofest which is going to be huge. Keep your eyes out on Dirt Hub for more info very soon.


Adult Race

Pos Number Name Laps Group
1st 56 Aaron Bloomfield 15 Clubman Plus
2nd 83 Aston Day 15 Clubman Plus
3rd 1 Tim Hammond 15 Clubman
4th 383 John Butler 15 Clubman
5th 345 Darren Bedford 15 Vets
6th 225 Gavin Maggs 15 Clubman Plus
7th 44 James Palmer 14 Clubman
8th 197 Ray Otoka 14 Clubman
9th 312 Chris Bailey 14 Youth
10th 17 Neil Richardson 14 Vets
11th 149 Chris Hill 14 Clubman Plus
12th 327 Mick Belcher 14 Masters
13th 175 Finley Thompson(joker Card) 14 Youth
14th 801 Mark Green 14 Vets
15th 10 James Thompson 14 Youth
16th 66 Darren Carter 14 Masters
17th 45 Antony Heatley 14 Masters
18th 221 Garth Meyer 14 Sportsman/Novice
19th 124 Mick Dyson 14 Masters
20th 35 Tony Chawner 14 Sportsman/Novice
21st 52 Chris Day 14 Masters
22nd 12 Pete Farwell 14 Clubman Plus
23rd 15 Jason Frieberg 14 Vets
24th 204 Kirk Giles 13 Clubman Plus
25th 9 Adam Redding 13 Clubman
26th 23 Gary Curtis 13 Sportsman/Novice
27th 123 Mark Glover 13 Masters
28th 55 Vernon Bloomfield 13 Masters
29th 222 Ross Higgins 13 Sportsman/Novice
30th 177 Gary Butler(joker Card) 13 Sportsman/Novice
31st 77 Darren Hill 13 Masters
32nd 111 Glen Elden 13 Masters
33rd 961 Kyle Saunders 13 Sportsman/Novice
34th 777 Peter Stapleton 13 Sportsman/Novice
35th 59 Gareth Roberts 12 Vets
36th 919 Rob Pratt 12 Masters
37th 161 Malcolm Clack 12 Sportsman/Novice
38th 36 Simon Buckley 11 Vets
39th 88 Jason Hayes 11 Clubman
40th 96 Jordon Saunders 11 Sportsman/Novice
41st 84 Greg Frieberg 11 Masters
42nd 131 Carey Bennett(joker Card) 11 Sportsman/Novice
43rd 128 Daniel Whittemore 11 Sportsman/Novice
44th 116 Ben Hovell 10 Sportsman/Novice
45th 19 James Dover (joker Card) 10 Clubman
46th 33 Alice Bowen 10 Ladies
47th 93 Barry Dunn 9 Clubman
48th 11 Alun Rogers 9 Masters
49th 37 Josh Buckley 9 Clubman Plus
50th 51 Dave Brown 9 Masters
51st 95 Will Gorringe 7 Youth
52nd 91 Andrew Graham 5 Clubman
53rd 979 Joe Pratt 4 Clubman
54th 2 Luke Fosh 4 Sportsman/Novice

Youth Race

Pos Number Name Laps Group
1st 175 Finley Thompson 12 125cc Youth
2nd 10 James Thompson 12 125cc Youth
3rd 101 Brandon Date 12 85cc BW
4th 203 Jadyn Giles 12 85cc BW
5th 22 Max Brown 11 85cc BW
6th 301 John Stanley 11 85cc Sw
7th 84 Archie Date 11 85cc BW
8th 311 Joe Cornelius 11 85cc Sw
9th 12 William Belton 11 85cc BW
10th 199 Josh Knight 11 85cc Sw
11th 204 Olivia Knight 10 125cc Youth
12th 33 Kit Szabo 10 85cc Sw
13th 11 Lucas Travers 10 65cc
14th 45 Ryan Stoneley 9 65cc
15th 49 Morgan Kent 9 85cc BW
16th 46 Eddie Belton 9 50cc Auto
17th 71 Rhys Hill 9 65cc
18th 210 Callum Hughes 8 85cc Sw
19th 202 Reece Giles 7 50cc Auto
20th 221 Jaden Hollingworth 7 50cc Auto
21st 17 Riley Hill 7 50cc Auto
22nd 244 Harry Bell 7 65cc
23rd 158 Kieran Maunder 5 50cc Auto
24th 19 Kyle Saunders 4 85cc BW