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Do you NEED the Practice? Dawn to Dusk open’s up Pre event practice

Do you NEED the Practice? Dawn to Dusk open’s up Pre event practice

by adminAugust 3, 2017

With Dawn to Dusk 2017 fast approaching the team are getting really getting excited at the D2D HQ. This years Dawn to Dusk Track has been ridden and is looking great again on a 14 miles of flowing single track, fire breaks, dense woodland and challenging optional extreme sections with plenty of hills and descents.

With so many people wanting to practice before racing they have decided to drop the Funduro and instead have a Practice Track. Challenge yourself and team mates on their Practice Track prior to your main race. This will be open on Saturday from 1pm – 6pm, and you can practice as much as you like in those times. Cost of this if registered before Wednesday 23rd August 2017 10pm cut-off – £10 per rider or £15 on the day.

The practice track will be open to all riders including the youth there are some sections which are extreme but these sections are optional. The practice track gives you a chance to give your bike a final tweak or just get warmed up ready for your race. The Practice Track is one way only and marked off with track tape, this is part of the Motocross Track. (2 miles) Spectators are welcome to watch as this is located within the main start area.The track is designed to be Clubman & Sportsman Friendly.

The first race of the weekend is the 2 hour Youth Race and one that always sets the pace for riders and spectators alike. Full of energy and lots of riders ‘buzzing’ for first place. This race is open to all young riders between the ages of 10yrs and 15yrs old.

Whether you are from a Motocross background and looking at your little champion dipping his toe into the world of enduro, or you are a seasoned enduro rider, Dawn to Dusk has plenty on offer without being too challenging or difficult. Their safety is always paramount.

All bikes will be scrutineered by their experienced marshals.

Should your bike breakdown, there are facilities on-site to tow your bike back to the pits.

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Dawn to Dusk takes part on the 26th and 27th August at the Waters Arena,SA11 5UD.

Dawn to Dusk Enduro is the UK’s original and longest enduro. With plenty of classes for riders ranging from complete novices to experienced national and indeed international teams, it’s a truly inclusive event where ordinary weekend warriors can find themselves in the company of top riders.

Consisting of 3 separate races, Dawn to Dusk begins with a standalone 2hr youth event on the Saturday, then progresses as dusk falls to the 24hr followed on Sunday by the 12hr and 6hr. You can enter as a marathon or up to a 3 man team.

Due to the venues working history, the terrain on the 15 mile loop is predominantly hard pack and generally drains well.

Over 500 riders and up to 3,000 spectators, teams, family members and other supporters descend on the mountainside course of “Walters Arena” in the upper Neath Valley over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

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