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Pitbike Speedway 4 team Challenge – Preview

Pitbike Speedway 4 team Challenge – Preview

by adminMarch 16, 2018

The Pitbike Speedway guys have managed to sneak another event into their calendar this weekend and it will take the form of a Four Team tournament.

Images courtesy of Garry Shorter

The all Action 4TT commences at 10:30am (Practice) with tapes up at 11:00 on Sunday March 18th Iwade speedway stadium, near Sittingbourne.

The 4Team Tournament (4TT) is a brand new Pitbike speedway event pitching 4 (7man) matched teams against each other.

Each sizzling hot race will run with 8 riders. 2 from each team and split between the front and back starting rows. All heats are over 4 laps and the teams must ride all out to score personal and team points. Keeping an eye on your team mate is a must and the odd shoulder barge / dive bomb won’t be uncommon.

Points are awarded 5,4,3,2,1,0,0,0 in each race. The top scoring team will be seeded directly to the 4 vs 4 grand final and teams in positions 2&3 after the heats are completed will battle it out 4 vs 4 for the other grand final position. All finals are held over 6 laps and the combined scores from each team determines the victors.

The teams and captains:

Team Pinch – Edward Kennett (c)
Team Vipers – Rob Mear (c)
Team Eagles  – Tom Brennan (c)
Team Sharks – Mark Richardson (c)

Team Pinch
1) Edward Kennett (c)
2) Charlie G Gates
3) Mitchel Godden
4) Lee Bassett
5) Jeremy Skipp
6) Chris Shallcross
7) Peter Koren

Team Vipers
1) Rob Mear (c)
2) Matt Sauly
3) Dan Berwick
4) Paul Morfey
5) Chris Stanton
6) DeJoan Keyes
7) Andy Morfey

Team Eagles
1) Tom Brennannnan (c)
2) Connor Dugard
3) Chad Wirtzfeld
4) Jamie Bursill
5) Darren Sargeant
6) Jake Gerring
7) Rob Heath

Team Sharks
1) Mark Richardson (c)
2) Charley Powell
3) Benny Read
4) Graeme Brown
5) Ron Steward
6) Kayleigh Louise Booth
7) Trevor Steward

Reserve: Josh Russell

Each rider will have 4 point scoring heats. 1>14

Heat 15- 5th&6th top scorers from each team
Heat 16- 3rd&4th top scorers from each team
Heat 17- 2nd&1st top scorers from each team

Heat 18- Semi Final – Teams positioned 2nd & 3rd sudden death race off. 4 vs 4 nominated.

Heat 19- Grand Final – Top scoring team vs winning team from race off. 4 vs 4 nominated.