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Damp in the West. Hampshire MX – Race Report and Results

Damp in the West. Hampshire MX – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 5, 2017

Hampshire MX returned to West Meon for the penultimate round of their summer championship on a “slightly” damp day. The riding was tough but the top riders showed their class and made it look easy.

Report by James Webber – Images Courtesy of Jennifer Butler, Craig Taylor, Brandon Hickman and Paul Coltman

After practice on a track that had been watered for the last 2 days the racing started and so did the rain. It was the SOUTH COAST HONDA SPONSORED MX1 championship race out first and they showed some class racing. Chris Wratten just nicked the holeshot closely followed by Luke wicks, he then put down some fast lap times and pulled out a massive lead to take the win. Wicks who put in a great ride in 2nd almost till the end finished 3RD when a hard charging Carl Turner who had fought though the pack after a bad start took the position a lap from the finish line.

Top 6 overall result

1st Chris Wratten 2nd Carl Turner 3rd Luke Wicks 4th Harry Hinson 5th Daniel Umlandt 6th Cameron mills

Next out was the SOUTH COAST HONDA SPONSORED MX2 championship race. Fastest out the gate was Lee Foyle closely followed by a speed Danny Harris and Charlie Cole who looked in a hurry to get to the front. Half way through lap one and Coles impatience resulted in a mistake and ended up in last place with a twisted-up bike. Meanwhile the battle for 1st went on with Harris giving his best efforts to demote Foyle, only to be denied. After kicking his bike into shape again Cole put down some impressive lap times and came from dead last to 3rd place!!

Top 6 overall result

1st Lee Foyle 2nd Danny Harris 3rd Charlie Cole 4th Rickey Humphrey 5th Craig Cartwright 6th Darren Heath

Race 3 was the 2 STROKE AND UNDER 23’S and it was the 2 strokes who ruled the roost with Ben Popperwell taking the early lead and defending the position against James Ribbans in 2nd right down to the finish line only 2 seconds ahead. Chris Noyce was the fastest under 23 and looked like he had the speed to battle with the front 2 but multiple mistakes allowed Jim Webber take 3rd in the race and put him down to 5th but was still the fastest rider in his class.

Top 6 overalls

2 stroke 1st Ben Popperwell 2nd James Ribbans 3rd Jim Webber 4th Andrew Walker 5th Paul Moyes 6th Paul Broomfield

Under 23

1st Chris Noyce 2nd Harvey Hunt 3rd Connor Tee 4th Levi Smith

The vet’s races were up next and it would be Jamie Wimbourne who would steal the first ONE TWENTY MOTOR SPORT hole shot award with a cracking start. But he didn’t have the pace required to deny Tony Tunnel who was on form and showing the experience and skills needed in the difficult conditions to take race wins. Steve wells put in an impressive performance to take 2nd ahead of David Hamer. Race 2 saw a repeat performance for Wimbourne taking the SOUTH COAST HONDA holeshot award but again was soon passed by Tunnel who just couldn’t be matched. Wells was there in 2nd again with Peter Woodthorp in 3rd. Race 3 and 2 thirds of the riders decided they could handle the difficult conditions. Turbo Tony was loving it and took 3 wins from 3. Steve wells also took another 2nd to complete the set and Wimbourne had his best finish of the day in 3rd.

Top 6 overall

1st Tony Tunnel 2nd Steve Wells 3rd Jamie Wimbourne 4th Peter Woodthorp 5th Noel James 6th David Hamer

First of the youth groups was the rookies. Race 1 saw Ross Bundy get across the ONETWENTY MOTOR SPORT holeshot line first and lead the field around a tricky circuit with Brad Foley hot on his tail. Oliver cook was right there in the battle for the win but it would be Ollie Cole who put in a blinder from a bad start to get to the front and take the win ahead of Bundy who only just held off a very quick Brandon Hickman in 3rd. Race 2 and Cole shot out the gate to take SOUTH COAST HONDA holeshot award and set the fastest lap time for a comfortable lead at the line. Bundy again looked great in the tough conditions and lead home Cook in 3rd. In the final rain soaked race Ollie Cole showed he could run the same pace regardless of weather conditions and made it 3 from 3. Bundy had another great start and completed the trio of 2nds with Xavier Cook having his best ride of the day and finishing 3rd.

Top 6 overall

1st Ollie Cole 2nd Ross Bundy 3rd Oliver Cook 4th Brad Foley 5th Ben Watts 6th Jesse Wren

Next up were the 85’s and the best line up we’ve seen all season, it reminded me of being the same age and loving riding no matter what the track or conditions were. Competition was fierce and the 77 of Tobias Summat launched out the gate to take the ONE TWENTY MOTORSPORT holeshot award and set the pace from the of but he had competition in the form of Harvey Cashmore who would pressure him for most of the race and eventually make the pass for the win. Sammut hung in there for 2nd while a Billy Simpson rode a great race to finish in third. Harrison Borg was first across the line for the small wheels in 9th. Race 2 and Sammut again shot out the gate to take the SOUTH COAST HONDA holeshot award and try and get the race win but Cashmore wasn’t to be denied and again pressured Sammut until the job was done and took the win. Simpson put in another great ride but just didn’t quite have the pace to challenge Sammut. Borg was again the first of the small wheels to cross the line ahead of championship leader Jacob Ball. Race 3 and the last of the day when the track was at its worst, Billy Simpson finally pulled it out the bag setting the fastest lap time and taking the race win! Sammut rode well all day and 3 x 2nds gave him the overall. Cashmore had his worst result of the day finishing 4th and although finished joint on points with Sammut the last race result put him in second, nonetheless, a great performance.

Top 6 overall

Big wheel

1st Tobias Sammut 2nd Harvey Cashmore 3rd Billy Simpson 4th Luke Southern 5th Austin Wild 6th Samuel Upton

Small wheel

1st Harrison Borg 2nd Jacob Ball 3rd Jake Marshall 4th Charlie Parrott 5th Max Brazier 6th Callum Jones

The first B GROUP race saw Robert miller shoot out the gate to take the ONE TWENTY MOTORSPORT hole shot award only to be almost immediately passed by Darren Othen who looked comfortable in the tough conditions, but Chris Noyce had other ideas and soon made his way to the front and set laps times unmatchable by any one else in this class and took the race win. Othen rode a great race though and held 2nd till the end with Miller finishing just a few seconds behind in 3rd. Race 2 and Miller seemed to have the starts dialled and took the SOUTH COAST HONDA holeshot award. Darren Heath who was 4th in moto 1 rode a great race and moved into the 1st position and took the win. Noyce put down the fastest lap of the race but had to settle for second place, still enough for 1st overall.  Othen was in the mix again and a soild 2-3 on the day put him second points but last race result bumped him down to 3rd.

Top 6 overall

1st Chris Noyce 2nd Darren Heath 3rd Darren Othen 4th Robert Miller 5th Ross Cobb 6th Paul Broomfield

In the HELYAR MX main there was some fierce competition and young guns took it to the more experience riders. First out the gate and HELYAR MX holeshot award winner was Jason Bailey with a cracking start but it didn’t take long for the 82 of Charlie Cole to blast to the front putting on a show for the spectators and setting the fastest lap times to take a very convincing win. Bobby Ellins rode a cracking race and held off the likes of Lee Foyle in 3rd and a club champ Chris Wratten in 4th. Danny Harris was also in the mix being one of only 5 riders inside 2.10 second lap times. Race 2 and only 11 riders lined up for the mud fest that saw the 41 of Oliver Pope take the HELYAR MX holeshot award and lead the field up the first hill, but it was a repeat performance for Cole who just rode the track like it was bone dry setting super-fast lap times and dominating the competition. Chris Wratten looked great aboard his 450 ktm in 2nd and done enough at this round to seal the deal and defend last year’s title of club champion and take second overall on the day, so congratulations to him. Pope rode a great race and held on to 3rd tying  on points with Hinson and taking third overall based race 2 finish.

Top 6 overall

1st Charlie Cole 2nd Chris Wratten 3rd Oliver Pope 4th Harry Hinson 5th Jason Baily 6th Ben Popperwell

A big thank you to everyone who helps run these meetings, especially the marshals. On such a horrible day, they all stuck it out till the end and done a sterling job so well done to you. Our next and final meeting this year will be held at the sand based circuit of Tincleton in Dorset on the 8th of October so we look forward to seeing you all there. Entry to this event will be open shortly via the Hampshire mx webpage