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Billy the Kid, Portsmouth MXC Two day Event – Race Report and Results

Billy the Kid, Portsmouth MXC Two day Event – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 19, 2017

A last minute change of venue for Portsmouth MX Club’s first two day event to Wroxton was a majorly popular one, with gates bursting at the seams both days!

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images Courtesy of

The Rookies took to the perfectly prepped circuit, with Lewis King London and Charlie Razzell leading the way, but a crash in race two denied London from clinching another victory. Razzell finished consistently in the top three and took the overall on day one, third on Sunday. London scored two race wins and then followed home overall winner on Sunday, Todd Leadbitter, to finish second overall on both days. Ethan Nyachae visited the club and put in an awesome performance, not far off a race win, finishing in third overall on Saturday, fourth on Sunday. Todd Leadbitter was totally dominant on day two to storm his way into the lead in all three motos to take the overall.

The Premier class was packed but Billy Hazell found no problem finding his way to the front of the pack. After a 16 year absence, Hazell showed he still had it, a clean sweep of all six race wins throughout the weekend to take the overall on both days. Despite missing half his wheel, Darren King still fought on to finish runner up on day one, but adding Howard Standfield into the mix on Sunday, King had to settle for third, going 2-3-4. Standfield put the extra pressure onto King’s back wheel, finishing third in the opening motos, extra speed carrying him round the last corner to take second and second overall on day two. Warren Berthiaume wasn’t far behind the leaders on day one, keeping King in his sights throughout the day to secure third overall.

MX2 as always was packed to the rafters, and a three way battle between Bradley Wheeler, Mitch Young and Luke Kenett took over the front of the field on both days. A three-way tie of points on day one, but Wheeler bagged the overall thanks to his last race win, and a straight set of firsts on day two saw him the overall winner. Young grabbed a win on day one, but bike issues left him on borrowed machinery but still rode brilliantly to secure second overall on both days. Luke Kennett had the time of his life on his new KTM, finishing third overall on both days.

MX1 was equally as spectacular to watch, Nicky Watts stealing the show on Saturday with three straight wins. A heavy crash on day two denied him a repeat performance, and with the addition of Rob Barney and Sam Sunderland on Sunday, Watts had to settle for fourth on day two. Great to see Kyle Lane back at his former club, breathtaking action from the youngster, throwing some greasy passes into the mix of things. A couple of different bikes to ride, he wasn’t far off the lead on day one, managed to secure a win on day two, a proud achievement beating the Paris-Dakar Winner Sam Sunderland into first, to finish up in second overall on both days. Craig Daffin was like a rabbit out of a trap in each moto, but couldn’t keep hold of the lead. Still finishing top six in all motos secured him third overall on both days.

A great turnout of big wheel 85s, but the top three was settled early on. Callum Baldwin and Thomas Casbeard went head to head both days, both rider’s taking the lead at some point, but it was to be Baldwin who secured the overall on both days, a great performance from the young lad. Casbeard was equally on fire, and a flawless set of races saw him secure a race win on Saturday, and second place five times to secure second overall on both days. Domonic Newbury was quick out the gate, and kept up with the leading duo. Consistent top three finishes rewarded him with third overall both Saturday and Sunday.

Harvey Tanner was set for a great overall in the Small Wheel 85s, a couple of race wins and seconds setting him up for first place, but a DNF denied him the chance. Larry Harper took over top spot on day one, a win in race two plus two thirds rewarded him with the overall. Lewis Roden went from strength to strength, a brilliant last race win on day one, and consistent top three places secured him second overall on both days. Charlie Nightingale took over top spot on day two, a race win and two thirds giving him the overall win, added to his third overall on day one. Positive, dominating starts from young Tyler Kirby saw him swiftly move into the top six on both days, staying steady to finish in third overall.

Harvey Antrobus was a pure masterclass in the 65s on day one. With speeds matching an MX2 rider, he put in a flawless set of races to go 1-1-1 and took the overall. Unfortunately he didn’t return for day two, but there was still great racing from all the youngsters. Holeshot winner Charlie Richmond was on the gas as usual and managed to secure two race wins on day two after finishing second overall behind Antrobus on day one. Bad luck struck in race two which saw his race halted with a stuck on back brake, but he still finished and took second overall on Sunday. Ben Sullivan continues to impress and his super-quick speed and determination saw him finish up as overall winner on day two. Not stepping outside the top three over both days, finishing third on Saturday, with a brilliant race win on day two topping off his weekend. Connor Williams rode his heart out, loving the track and inspired to push himself even harder than normal, never appearing outside the top six. Pushing himself to the limit on day two, he romped home in second place to secure him third overall on the day.

It was to be Fabian Morrison Junior’s weekend, a rider who has come on leaps and bounds in the Auto class, grabbing two race wins and the overall on Saturday, much to the delight of his dad! Not far behind on day two and yet another race win to add to his tally, he secured second overall. Jacob Collins had a consistent day, keeping the leader in his view, and secured three seconds to take back second overall on day one, just missing out on a podium spot on day two. Calum Betteridge was the holeshot king, storming to the front, finishing third on day one, but stayed totally focused on Sunday, securing another race win to grab the overall victory on day two. A poorly Jake Webb still battled it out on day one, improving results throughout the day, but day two saw a fit and raring to go Webb, saving his best for last and riding the race of his life to grab the race win, securing third overall on the day.

Results (Saturday):
VMX: 1 Billy Hazell, 2 Darren King, 3 Warren Berthiaume, 4 Sid Richardson, 5 Brook Alder, 6 Gary Mason.
MX2: 1 Bradley Wheeler, 2 Mitch Young, 3 Luke Kennett, 4 Charlie Way, 5 Tallon Aspden, 6 Josh Bailey.
MX1: 1 Nicky Watts, 2 Kyle Lane, 3 Craig Daffin, 4 Nick Cooke, 5 Carl Turner, 6 Colby Walker.
Rookies: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Lewis King London, 3 Ethan Nyachae, 4 Ollie Cole, 5 Brandon Hickman, 6 Thomas Shutler.
BW85: 1 Callum Baldwin, 2 Thomas Casbeard, 3 Domonic Newbury, 4 Luke Southern, 5 Nathan Walsh, 6 Robert Storer.
SW85: 1 Larry Harper, 2 Lewis Roden, 3 Charlie Nightingale, 4 Harvey Tanner, 5 James O’Mara, 6 Tyler Kirby.
65s: 1 Harvey Antrobus, 2 Charlie Richmond, 3 Ben Sullivan, 4 Connor Williams, 5 Kieran Paget, 6 Mitchell Woodward.
Autos: 1 Fabian Morrison Junior, 2 Jacob Collins, 3 Calum Betteridge, 4 Harley Swain, 5 Jake Webb, 6 Blu Kinch.

VMX: 1 Billy Hazell, 2 Howard Standfield, 3 Darren King, 4 Tony Hale, 5 Sid Richardson, 6 Brook Alder.
MX2: 1 Bradley Wheeler, 2 Mitch Young, 3 Luke Kennett, 4 Tallon Aspden, 5 Mark Atkinson, 6 Ricky Humphrey.
MX1: 1 Rob Barney, 2 Kyle Lane, 3 Craig Daffin, 4 Nicky Watts, 5 Tommy Pittaway, 6 Dan Lawler.
Rookies: 1 Todd Leadbitter, 2 Lewis King London, 3 Charlie Razzell, 4 Ethan Nyachae, 5 Thomas Shutler, 6 Ollie Cole.
BW85: 1 Callum Baldwin, 2 Thomas Casbeard, 3 Domonic Newbury, 4 Tobias Sammut, 5 Nathan Walsh, 6 Robert Storer.
SW85: 1 Charlie Nightingale, 2 Lewis Roden, 3 Tyler Kirby, 4 Haydon Harris, 5 Cody Spacagna, 6 James O’Mara.
65s: 1 Ben Sullivan, 2 Charlie Richmond, 3 Connor Williams, 4 Kieran Paget, 5 Mitchell Woodward, 6 Cayleb Day.
Autos: 1 Calum Betteridge, 2 Fabian Morrison Junior, 3 Jake Webb, 4 Jacob Collins, 5 Harley Swain, 6 Blu Kinch.