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Belated Brampton! East Cumbria MX club championships round 2 – Race Report and Results

Belated Brampton! East Cumbria MX club championships round 2 – Race Report and Results

by adminJune 28, 2018

A glorious weekend of Cumbrian summer saw a belated start to the East Cumbria club

Report and Images by Peter Bell

The quarry taking yet more land and the great British weather caused a complete re- design of the circuit being delayed and losing the first 2 planned dates. The Acerbis Nationals and a practice/charity weekend have already used the circuit so far this year, excitement has been growing to see how the track had settled and would be like in race format….and it did not disappoint.

A healthy entry saw a vast amount of track work and watering battling against the Cumbrian sun.

First up were the Junior 65 racers, Local lad Ryan Waggott on form in the BYN showed his liking
for the technical sand circuit. Connor Smith took moto 2 victory which was enough to take second
overall. Third place went to Jake Robley from Carlisle with a brilliant effort, defiantly one to watch for the future.

The 85 small and big wheel rode together and the boosted crowd were treated to some superb racing from front to back, none more so than Oliver Barr on the B/W and Ollie Colmer on the Revo
Husqvarna S/W having some great battles all weekend and both taking maximum points in their
respective class. West Cumbrian Robbie Park went 2.2.2 on saturday for 2nd over all with Jay Cheel in third. The B/W class saw Taylor Roberts second behind Barr with Ktm rider Charlie Henderson
bring third home.

The open Youth class proved to be a one to watch, the sound of 125s buzzing about should always
grab everyone’s attention, however, it was the 250s that took the honours on Saturday, Kai Thirwell with a scorecard of 2-1-2 took advantage of a moto 2 argument with a fence from Joseph Dent to
take the overall, Dent just couldnt claw back the gap in a super fast class. Jack Abbott took third on the podium with a great day to pip Adam Slavin who will be disappointed with mechanical gremlins in race1.

Now, one of the main talking points at several meetings is the A+B class running together, on this
weekend this was defiantly the right decision and some fantastic close racing ensued, keeping the
spectators and this photographer gripped.
The A Class winner was 2stoke pilot Jake Preston with a late pass on Declan Hunter in race 3
taking the top step. Preston and Matthew Moffat had a ding dong battle in race one even going on 1 lap after the chequered flag with Moffatt holding on. Day one ended Preston, Moffatt Hunter and a top 3.

The B class lads got stuck in with many mixing with the A’s, It was Carl Robson taking 3
race winsand maximum points. Ross Neville continued his good forum in the Acerbis Nationals to
take second with Austin Mowbray third.

A full gate of C Class riders blasted out the gate and up the Brampton start hill..Local lad Duncan
Bell showed his local knowledge to take the overall with 2 wins, and the overall. John Carruthers
was to finish second after winning race 3 while James Johnston and Mark Blacklock locked on
118points a piece in third.

A seperate Auto track proving a great learning experience of speed and cornering was set up in the
paddock with a good turn out. Scotlands Malachi Allen showed he has lost no speed from last year
taking the win from Brampton newcomer Finlay Easton who has been showing great form in other
Cumbrian Meetings Aaron Dodd completed the top 3.

Day 2 was even hotter, an evening and morning a track work and more watering once again gave
the riders a great race circuit, there cannot be many UK Circuits better prepared. The 65 class were
up first once again and repect must be given as the track got rougher and dryer as the day went on,
real hard graft for those 65 machines. Ryan Waggott was to go 1 better with a maxium 3 wins to
make the unusual short trip home a happy one. Connor Smith was once again in second with Jamie
Keith Piping Robley to third place.

The ding dong battles in the 85cc class were to be no different on Sunday Colmer and Barr being at the front end and both once again taking maximum points. Scotland Josh Grey only raced Sunday
and took the second podium step in the Big Wheel class with Tylor Roberts having to settle for
third. Jay Cheel and Robbie park swopped place from Saturday behind Colmer in the Small wheels to read Colmer Cheel Park on day 2.

There was to be no repeat of Saturdays tumble for Joseph Dent in the Youth Class with Maximum points and 3 race wins on-board his Yamaha. Fellow North East rider Kai Thirwell had to settle for second, with Adam Slavin being the first 125 home in third place.

More superb racing from the combined A and B class however the podiums were slightly different just showing the quality of the racing. Matthew Moffat took the A class crown continuing his recovery from Injury last year, Sunday only racer Stephen Wade followed him home with recent graduate from the youth class Planet Suspension rider Sam Donnan taking his 125 to third place. It would not be a lie to say on their day any of the B Class could pop up with a podium ride, however, consistency is the key and it was again Carl Robson on hs KTM with the overall. Ben Walsh took second with Ross Neville third and cementing an early second in the championship.

Another health C class entry sw Duncan Bell taking 2 race victory’s however a second moto 6th let John Carruthers take advantage and win the overall with James Johnston in second.

The Autos running at the same time as th A+B class once again took to the grass track. Finlay Easton learnt from his Saturdays second to go one better and take the win sunday from Malachi Allen and Harry Cartmell completing the podium.

A fantastic weekend at Brampton with so much positive feedback about the track and the atmosphere, hopefully giving Cumbria a posative boost for the remainder of the season. Aa always a massive thank you goes out to everyone who makes these meeting happen….motocross is nothing without you..


Autos: 1.Malichi Allen 2. Finlay Easton 3 Aaron Dodd 4. Wilfie Reed 5. Harry Cartmell
65’s 1. Ryan Waggott 2 Connor Smith 3. Jake Robley 4. Jamie Keith 5 Haydon Moody
85 s/w 1. Ollie Colmer 2. Robbie Park 3. Jay Cheel 4. Andrew Anderson 5. Bobby-jak Ennis 85 b/w 1. Oliver Barr 2. Taylor Roberts 3. Charlie Henderson 4. Daniel Howe 5. Samuel Carruthers Youth 1. Kai Thirwell 2. Joseph Dent 3. Jack Abbott 4. Adam Slavin 5. Kyle Peel
A’s 1. Jake Preston 2. Matthew Moffatt 3. Declan Hunter 4. Adam Thirwell 5. Sam Donnan B;s 1. Carl Robson 2. Ross Neville 3. Austin Mowbray 4. Wayne Currie 5 Oliver Lee
C;s 1. Duncan Bell 2. John Carruthers 3. James Johnston 4. Mark Blacklock 5. Lewis Mchale

Autos 1.Finlay Easton 2.Malachi Allen 3. Harry Cartmell 4. Aaron Dodd 5 Wilfie Reed
65’s 1. Ryan Waggott 2. Connor Smith 3. Jamie Keith 4 Jake Robley 5. Joe Dakin
85 s/w 1. Ollie Colmer 2. Jay Cheel 3. Robbie Park 4. Andrew Anderson 5. Bobby Jak Ennis 85 b/w 1. Oliver Barr 2. Josh Grey 3. Taylor Roberts 4. Daniel Howe 5. Jack Murray
Youth 1. Joseph Dent 2. Kai Thirwell 3 Adam Slavin 4. Kyle Peel 5. Dylan Hodgson
A.s 1. Matthew Moffatt 2. Stephen Wade 3. Sam Donnan 4. Declan Hunter 5. Kieron Marr B;s 1. Carl Robson 2. Ben Walsh 3. Ross Neville 4. Andrew Slavin 5 Mark Reed
C’s 1 John Carruthers 2. James Johnston 3 Duncan Bell 4. Lewis Mchale 5 Mark Lowther