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A Successful and Impressive ISDE Completed for Team GB

A Successful and Impressive ISDE Completed for Team GB

by adminSeptember 3, 2017

The last day of the 2017 ISDE saw the traditional ‘final motocross’ held in the paddock and attended by thousands of fans. For the ACU British ISDE teams it was a case of staying safe on the narrow and dusty track and bringing the bikes home to confirm the strong results they had gained over the course of a typically challenging ISDE week.

Report and Images courtesy of the ACU

As a chilly mist descended on Brive-la-Gaillarde, the British teams awoke with motivation and determination to ‘get the job done’. The races, which were arranged in heats depending on capacity classes, were exciting to watch and allowed the riders to show off their motocross skills.
In the E2 heat Nathan Watson impressed as he returned to the discipline where he first started racing. The KTM rider worked his way through the field and finished the day 3rd overall in the individual rankings. Fellow Trophy rider, Lee Sealey, also enjoyed a great race in his heat, ending the day 27th overall. These strong performances coupled with the work of the entire team allowed the ACU ISDE Trophy Team to confirm their excellent 5th place overall in the team rankings.
In the ACU Junior Trophy Team, Dan Mundell and Tom Ellwood bravely rode through the pain barrier with their nasty hand injuries to complete the final MX and finish off a strong week. While Joe Wootton once again proved his potential with another great result – 24th on the day.
The Juniors consolidated the 4th place which they grabbed at the mid-point of the event.
ACU British ISDE Team Manager, Andy Martin: “I’m so impressed by the performances of all our riders throughout the week. They have been extremely professional and have worked hard to overcome challenges and to prove that we have a lot of talent coming from the UK at the moment. Joe Wootton and Dan Mundell, who are both youngsters, have really shone this week. We’re really happy to have finished this year’s event with both teams in the Top 5 and I’d like to extend my gratitude, not only to all the riders but to our sponsors and helpers too.”

2017 International Six Day Enduro – Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.
Day Six, Provisional Results.
FIM World Trophy:
1. France 12:59:38.23
2. Australia 13:05:52.26 (+6:14.03)
3. Finland 13:08:50.34 (+9:12.11)
5. Great Britain 13:28:51.91 (+29:13.68)
13 Nathan Watson KTM 3:15:15.76
42 Lee Sealey Yamaha 3:20:24.68
50 Fraser Flockhart KTM 3:23:17.83
74 Kevin Murray Beta 3:29:53.64
FIM Junior World Trophy:
1. France 9:55:04.10
2. Italy 9:55:19.63 (+15.53)
3. USA 10:02:39.92 (+2:02.90)
4. Great Britain 10:02:39.92
24 Joe Wootton Husqvarna 3:18:26.46
37 Dan Mundell KTM 3:19:27.52
55 Tom Ellwood Sherco 3:24:45.94