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2018 Sidecar Speedway Championship – Schedule

2018 Sidecar Speedway Championship – Schedule

by adminFebruary 12, 2018

ACU Events LTD is pleased to announce the dates and venues for the 2018 ACU British Sidecar Speedway Championship.

Feature image courtesy of Mark Hall

Following the success of the 2017 season the championship will feature 4 rounds for this year, along with an additional 2 Open Meeting which are currently being planned.

The Calendar is as follows:

2018 Sidecar Speedway Championship:
R1 – Leicester Speedway – 5 May
R2 – Somerset Speedway – 1st June
R3 – Kings Lynn – 14th July
R4 – Belle Vue – 13th October.

*2 additional open meetings are also planned for 2018. The Track Racing Committee wish good luck to all the ACU competitors making their way to Australia to take part in the 1000cc Sidecar Speedway World Cup.