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by adminOctober 20, 2017
Following the meeting of the newly formed AMCA Championship Committee the following decisions have been made and are to be implemented for 2018.
Feature image courtesy of Mike Wood
The MX1 / MX2 / Vets / two strokes / Youth Championships will consist of 8 rounds in 2018.
The provisional venues are listed below and confirmation of dates will follow shortly:
Lower Drayton
The four Championship Classes (MX1 / MX2 / Vets / 2 strokes) will be capped at 45 resulting in one non-qualifiers race.
NEW FOR 2018
To encourage the growth of the Youth 85/150 cc class, the Youth Championship will run alongside the four adult Championship classes at all eight rounds – maximum 36 riders.
For a rider to contest the Championships in 2018 he must have a current AMCA MX licence.
The five event requirement from the previous year has been removed.
To encourage participation in Group level events an additional 300 Championship points may be gained (5 events in 2018 x 60 points) by racing at Group level events up until two weeks prior to the last round (date to be announced by AMCA office on confirmation of fixtures).
Riders cannot accrue Group level points on a week when a Championship is running.
Of the 5 events that can accrue a rider additional points, a maximum of 2 abroad IMBA rounds can count towards the 5.
Automatic qualification for MX1 and MX2 Championship will be extended to those who finished top 30 overall.
Automatic qualification for Vets and Two Stroke Championship will be extended to those who finished top 20 overall.
(For 2019 automatic qualification it will be top 25 in the four adult classes and top 15 in youth).
Qualifiers may be required for all five classes depending on demand.
(Riders who finished in the top 15 overall Championship positions in the ACU Maxxis British Championships in the previous season will be barred from entry) .
There will be one uniform commentator for all rounds and trophies will also be uniform throughout the Championships, these being ordered through the AMCA office to ensure consistency.
REGISTRATION  FEE will be set at £99 for all five classes.
Entry fees will remain at £30 for advance entry and £45 for late entry (registered riders)
Entry fee of £50 for non-registered late entries.
Registration opens 20th October 2017
(Registration fee is non-refundable unless a rider fails to qualify for the Championship he registered for)
POINT SYSTEM remains unchanged as the ‘60 for a win’ system
The AMCA Women’s Championship will continue to be run in conjunction with BWMA and will consist of 8 rounds, these being part of AMCA home group events.
Ideally six rounds – to be confirmed following confirmation of Group fixtures.
IMBAS 2018
Cannock Club at Lower Drayton will host the MX1 / MX2 IMBA
Northern Area at Norley will host the Sidecar / Ladies IMBA
The two rider representatives selected for the Championship Committee are Simon Lane and Brad Turner, these were chosen for their extensive Championship and AMCA experience. They join Steve Harvey, Brad O Leary, Sue Cannings, Mike Penn, Nick Webster and Malcolm Brettle on the committee.
All decisions made by the committee were decided unanimously.